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Meet the Clinicians

Meet the Clinicians

If you’ve raised concerns about the shape of your baby’s head you may have been advised to see a cranial specialist for further investigation. This might sound daunting at first but it’s a lot more straightforward than you might think. So, what is a cranial specialist?

A cranial specialist assesses, diagnoses, and treats cranial deformities using their expert knowledge of orthotics. With a deep understanding of the form of the skull, cranial specialists are able to help improve the shape of an infant’s skull while it is still pliable using innovative orthosis such as a cranial remoulding aid, like the TiMBandAir. So what is an orthosis? The word lends itself to specially designed medical devices that are applied externally to change the structure or appearance of the neuromuscular or musculoskeletal system.

Our team of cranial specialist clinicians are based across the UK in a number of Technology in Motion clinics, ready to assist and advise the next steps for your child, be it repositioning techniques or helmet therapy. Here’s our team of clinicians:

Steve Mottram MBAPO

what is a cranial specialist

Time in the field: 38 years

Based in: Here, there, and everywhere!

Special interest: Steve personally introduced cranial remoulding to the UK in 2003 before developing the TiMBandAir in 2009

Fact: Steve has twice been the Chair of the BAPO and is married with three grown children


Sandie Waddell MBAPO

cranial specialistTime in the field: 34 years

Based in: North of England

Special interest: As a senior paediatric specialist orthotist, Sandie understands the complexities of treating very young babies

Fact: Sandie is originally from Glasgow but has lived in Yorkshire since 1988. She is married with three children. Sandie has also chaired the BAPO conference committee and has been an active part of the committee for several years.


Jane Hunter

Time in the field: 29 years

Based in: South East

Special interest: Jane developed an interest in paediatrics, rheumatology and diabetics.

Fact: Jane worked for the British Red Cross in Uganda as the head of the Orthopaedic Technology Training School. She now lives in Surrey and enjoys running and cycling.


Martin Bell

Time in the field: 23 years

Based in: South West

Special interest: Lower limb biomechanics and gait analysis

Fact: Martin is married with two daughters and loves spending time outdoors!


Lisa Bull

Time in the field: 15 years

Based in: Northern Ireland

Special interest: Paediatric orthotics and neuromuscular conditions

Fact: Lisa is a mum to two girls and is a keen runner.


Denise Law

Time in the field: 18 years

Based in: South West

Special interest: Denise has been involved with the annual BAPO conference and has chaired two conferences

Fact: Denise is married with two young children.


Jamie Halliday

Time in the field: 7 years

Based in: London

Special interest: Complex spinal and neurological conditions and lower limb bracing

Fact: Jamie is enthusiastic about fitness, travel, and watching rugby.


Eleanor Weinberg

Time in the field: 20 years

Based in: East Midlands

Special interest: Paediatrics, neurology and musculoskeletal orthotic care

Fact: Eleanor is also outdoorsy and enjoys triathlons, open water swimming, hill walking and spending time with her family


Bronwen Warner

Time in the field: 18 years

Based in: Wales

Special interest: Paediatric physiotherapy, in particular repositioning and tummy time

Fact: Bronwen studied in South Africa and has worked both there and in the UK. She is married with two daughters


Emma Fishenden

Time in the field: 5 years

Based in: North West

Special interest: Diabetes, stroke rehabilitation, rheumatology, paediatrics, spinal cord injuries and complex musculoskeletal conditions

Fact: Emma is a mum of twin daughters and she enjoys attending music festivals and spending time with friends and family when she’s not kept busy by her girls!

If you think your baby would benefit from seeing one of our clinicians, please book a free assessment at your local clinic for advice on the next steps if your baby requires treatment.

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