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Wearing and care guide

Achieving the best outcomes

It is essential that you ensure your baby wears their TiMbandAir correctly. Follow these guidelines to ensure the best outcome and a successful treatment: 


Wearing schedule

Your child should wear their cranial helmet for 23 hours a day until their treatment is complete.

Increase the wearing period gradually according to the prescribed schedule and avoid rushing the schedule, even if your child feels comfortable. On the fifth day, your child should wear their TiMbandAir for the full 23 hours.


When not to wear

Do not use TiMbandAir if your child has a fever over 38°C. Regularly check their temperature while wearing their helmet and discontinue use if it rises.

Remove during physiotherapy sessions and promptly put it back on afterwards.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean the helmet daily during bathing. Use a non-perfumed, alcohol-based agent to clean the inner surface, as other agents may harm your child’s skin.

Properly wipe the inner surface with a clean cloth using an alcohol-based agent or a soft brush with an alcohol-based cleaning agent. You can use a low-temperature hairdryer to dry the helmet and reduce any odour that may occur.

Excessive sweating

It is normal for your child to experience excessive sweating during the initial days of wearing a cranial helmet. If needed, briefly remove the helmet to dry both the head and helmet itself with a towel or low-temperature hairdryer. Put the TiMbandAir back on afterwards.

Avoid using baby powder, creams, or towels beneath the helmet to prevent skin irritation. Dress your child in appropriate clothing to minimise sweating.


Head Washing

Wash your child’s head daily using shampoo. Ensure both the head and helmet are dry before putting it back on after bathing.

If your child has sensitive head skin, consider using a slightly hypoallergenic or natural shampoo. Remember, your helmet should not get wet.



It's not necessary for your baby to have their hair cut short to undergo treatment with our helmets.  When your child needs a haircut during treatment, avoid shaving the head entirely. Contact with the helmet during hair regrowth may cause irritation.

Maintain a consistent hair length throughout the treatment to prevent shape irregularities due to varying hair volume.

Skin check and modifications

Always check the head skin after removing a helmet. If you notice a persistent red area that doesn’t fade within an hour, discontinue use and contact the clinic or your orthotist and we’ll make sure that all is okay.

Safety and communication

Keep the helmet away from pets when it is off. Explain the purpose of the helmet to other caregivers and teach them how to use, wear, and remove it correctly. Practice is crucial for anyone involved in your child’s care.


Orthosis Placement

When putting the helmet on, click to close both sides. There are no loose parts on the orthosis and safety is our paramount priority.

Seek professional guidance

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your child or the TiMbandAir, promptly contact your orthotist. Addressing issues quickly ensures optimal care.

Follow these guidelines diligently to ensure the best possible outcome for your child’s head protection or cranial remoulding treatment.

Our specialists are here to provide honest, objective clinical advice. If you have a question or need advice, get in touch with our friendly team.

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Our specialists are here to provide honest, objective clinical advice. If you have a question or need advice, get in touch with our friendly team.