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Technology in Motion offers an all-inclusive treatment plan for infants who need cranial remoulding treatment.

The TiMbandAir™ is modelled to the exact shape of your baby’s head; expert clinician orthotists scan the head using the most accurate scanning technology which allows a patient-specific 3D printed cranial remoulding orthosis to be  produced. This helmet will gently correct the head shape as your baby grows, whilst being comfortable and safe to wear.

Before utilising TiMbandAir™ treatment, we offer a no-obligation pre-assessment via email where we will assess your baby’s head shape and advise on options to resolve the problem. We know that parents are often unsure of exactly how severe their baby’s head shape is. 

Following this we will advise if a clinical assessment is recommended. 

Please see our pricing below. In the UK we offer budget-friendly finance options to suit your personal requirements. If you are interested get in touch and we shall send you full details and direct link to a 5 minute application process!

Consultant speaking with parent and child

Your treatment plan includes:

  • Assessment

  • Scans

  • Custom orthotic cranial helmet 

  • Helmet fitting

  • Regular face to face or virtual appointments to review progress 

  • Ongoing support from our expert orthotists

  • Reports to your GP/paediatrician to document the progress of your baby’s treatment (if required) 

TiMbandAir clinical assessment including scan for your child*
Award-winning lightweight TiMbandAir fully 3d-printed orthosis*
TiMbandAir consultations and clinical package of care – all required reviews and scans*
Ongoing clinical support throughout treatment for you and your child*
Choice of 3 colours for your child’s orthosis (dark blue, pink, grey)
Choice of your child’s personal logo on orthosis
Choice of your child’s name on orthosis

Please note - items denoted with an asterisk (*) are essential part of every treatment plan.

A deposit of £850 (UK) or €1,000 (Ireland) is included in the total cost calculation above.
A choice of clinic locations are available for reviews and assessments.

^A clinical assessment fee is £40 (UK) or €50 (Ireland) and payable at the point of booking. We believe an assessment is the best way to gain understanding of the condition and the options available. There is no-obligation to enter treatment for your child but if you do start treatment with us, the fee is deducted from the cost of treatment. 

Optional extras such as bespoke colours are subject to a £50 fee.
If you require us to write letters for your GP, to create a scan viewer USB, or if you would like us to monitor changes from repositioning techniques, then a fee may apply.

Remote treatment

Remote patients access the same quality of care with virtual appointments and remote monitoring. 
Additional carriage and scanning may apply.

Flexible payment plans

Parents can spread the cost of their child’s orthotic treatment with our payment plans.

For more information, get in touch

We have used a well known and publicly available loan calculator to show you some examples of how affordable the TiMbandAir can be – as little as £20.99 per month.

Repayment Term
Loan Amount
Example APR
Monthly Repayment
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years

The TiMbandAir helmet standard cost is £2,695, we have used the above figures for illustrative purposes only.

Please feel free to access the loans calculator here.

There are risks involved in taking out a loan and you should ensure you can make all payments on time and in full; failure to do so can lead to financial difficulties and have a negative impact on your credit score.

Finance available subject to status. The rate offered is always provisional and will depend upon your personal circumstances, the loan amount and the term.

Please note that the information in this article does not constitute advice and Technology in Motion are not a lender. Please refer to the particular terms and conditions of our personal loan provider before committing to any financial products. APR is subject to change based on individual circumstances and the representative APR may not be what you receive.

Support with fundraising


Tree of Hope supports families across the UK, helping them to raise the funds they require to help their children through a disability or illness. 


HeadStart4Babies is a charitable organisation set up to raise awareness of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly. The charity provides fundraising guidance for parents and independent plagiocephaly advice and support.


JustGiving is the world’s leading online fundraising platform, which can be used to raise funds for treatment.

Headlines logo

Headlines was set up by a group of parents of children with craniosynostosis in 1993 and is a registered charity. They offer advice and support to parents of children with craniofacial conditions.

Our specialists are here to provide honest, objective clinical advice. If you have a question or need advice, get in touch with our friendly team.