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Attention clinicians!

Why not become our exclusive clinic in your region and take your income to the next level? Add TiMband Plagiocephaly Treatment to your clinic and make this your best year yet!

We are currently looking for qualified medical professionals to act as representatives in their respective regions, providing our distinctive solution as either a standalone service or in conjunction with their existing specialties. Our business is user-friendly and can yield a significant return, even when pursued part-time.

Plus, you'll receive full support from our successful team at Technology in Motion's Head Office in Leeds.



Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, is a condition that causes the skull to become flattened on one side. This can also be associated with a wide head shape, known as brachycephaly.

In recent years, there has been increasing awareness of plagiocephaly and the treatments available to correct it. We’ve developed a successful protocol for treating plagiocephaly using a helmet called the TiMband. Our approach involves advising parents on how to reposition their babies to prevent the flattening of the skull. We also assess the baby for torticollis, a condition that can cause the neck muscles to become tight and lead to plagiocephaly. If repositioning and exercises are not successful, we fit the baby with a TiMband helmet.

The TiMband helmet is a custom-made helmet that gently applies pressure to the baby's head to encourage the skull to grow evenly. The helmet is worn for 23 hours a day, and most babies see improvement within a few months.


How this business proposition works:

We have pioneered a solution for infants with distressing head shape deformities – a corrective helmet that has proven to be highly effective. As a franchise owner, you will run your clinic in your local area, using our established protocols, state-of-the-art digital scanning equipment, and user-friendly software to assess each child's condition. 

Once the assessment is complete, you can offer expert advice and provide a custom-fitted helmet that gently corrects plagiocephaly over the course of several months. The remarkable results make this franchise an emotionally rewarding venture. Whether you’re adding it into your existing clinic as a part-time service or full time, it will also generate a substantial income. 

Growing your Technology in Motion franchise:

We’ve grown by knowing our market and targeting them, alongside making sure that we are meeting the needs of the parents who contact us. 

Our franchise launch assist programme includes online and offline promotion to help you get your new franchise underway. 

Aside from our franchise launch programme, we’re constantly updating our search engine optimisation, so we can regularly appear in natural listings on the first page of search engines. With this, we also benefit from substantial adwords and professional social media campaigns that generate enquiries from nationally and internationally.  

We also use traditional marketing techniques and materials including brochures, leaflets, direct mail, e-shots, exhibitions and even presentations and education to associated healthcare professionals. Combine all of this with what you’ll do at a local level, and you can see why Technology in Motion is no ordinary franchise.


Your training and support:

We know that you’ll be putting a lot of faith in us when you launch your franchise, so our training is very thorough, not just from the outset, but also on an ongoing basis. Technology in Motion has earned a reputation for excellence in plagiocephaly and with your commitment we can quickly teach you everything that you need to know to replicate our success in your own area. 


Next steps:

There’s so much more we can talk about. Why not get in touch if you need further information on launching your own franchise with us? Your next adventure starts here.

To find out more about investment and returns, please email info@technologyinmotion.com with the below details.

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