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Terms and Conditions


1.1 Full payment is due at the time of assessment/order.

1.2 We reserve the right to charge for clinical assessment. When a clinical assessment is made, full payment for the assessment appointment is required regardless of whether or not a product is supplied.

1.3 Should there be any additional unforeseen costs from the manufacturer, these and any further clinical appointment fees are payable on supply of the product. These payments are non-refundable.

1.4 We require a valid purchase order from the payer for customers who are being funded by a third party i.e. an NHS Trust, charity, insurance company, solicitor, care company etc. before an order can be placed.

Returns / Refunds

2.1. As they are made individually for each patient, all custom-made products are non returnable and non refundable. In the unlikely event of a custom product not fitting correctly, we will have the product reworked or remade at the clinician’s discretion to ensure a clinically correct outcome.

2.2 Custom made products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 months from the date of supply for all rigid components. Soft items, such as straps and paddings are guaranteed for 2 months from the date of supply.

2.3 It is recommended that all Custom made products are inspected for wear at the minimum of 6 month intervals.

2.4 Technology in Motion reserves the right to decline to make alterations or repairs to any item, (custom or ready made) which has not been supplied by the company.

2.5 Technology in Motion reserves the right to decline to comment on or to provide ongoing treatment for any patient who has started treatment elsewhere.

TiMbandAir Plagiocephaly Treatment

3.1 Technology in Motion offers a no obligation assessment for infants over 16 weeks and up to 56 weeks of age.

3.2 If a parent wishes to take up treatment for their baby, the whole fee is to be paid in accordance with the terms identified on the Cranial Remoulding Treatment Consent form.

3.3 We reserve the right to request full payment on delivery of the TiMbandAir and to refuse all unsecured extended payment terms.

3.4 One helmet is regarded as a single treatment.

3.5 For those who are fundraising and require time to pay, a binding agreement will be entered into before an order will be placed. Payment may be completed up to three months after the order date.

3.6 In the unlikely event of your baby not accepting the helmet for whatever reason and treatment being abandoned, we will refund or rebate up to 50% of the whole treatment cost up to two weeks after fitting the helmet on its return to our Head Office. Authorisation must be issued by Technology in Motion Head Office prior to goods being returned. No refund or allowance will be made later than two weeks after fitting of the helmet.

3.7 In the unlikely event of an infant requiring a second helmet, this is regarded as a second treatment and the full treatment cost is payable.

Single Patient Use

4.1 It is a Condition of Sale that all orthopaedic products supplied by Technology in Motion Ltd. are regarded as strictly ‘Single Patient Use Only’ and are to be used only by the fitted patient. This policy is to protect the care provider and the patient against potentially adverse consequences of infectious disease transmission or material instability resulting from previous use.

4.2 Any expressed or implied warranties are voided if the orthosis is re-used for another patient.

4.3 Any orthosis purchased from Technology in Motion Ltd. must be prescribed and applied by a qualified clinician to ensure that it meets the needs of the particular patient and accomplishes the desired results. 

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