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Franki Marshall

Franki Marshall

“Technology in Motion are great! actually assessed my first little boy Harri 4 years ago and he was mild -they gave me great advice and didn’t at all try and push me into a helmet. This time I knew Franki was a lot more severe than Harri and Sandie was great at the assessment and not at all pushy. I find her really honest and up front and she always leaves the decision up to you. after we decided to helmet the process was really straight forward and the clinicians are always on hand and available to answer any questions or do extra face to face appointments if you need them.

the change in Franki’s head has been amazing and would 100% recommend a helmet treatment to anyone who may need it. Franki actually had bad reflux before the treatment which has now completely gone and I believe this is a result of his head no longer being so flat and the pressure on his neck being reduced. his head now looks perfect to us and we don’t have to worry or stress about it correcting itself or getting worse which we had to do with our first little boy Harri”