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Jesse's Story

Jesse's Story
Jesse's parents came to Technology in Motion due to a lump on his head from his position in the womb, which started soft and gradually hardened over a couple of months. Jesse preferred sleeping on the side without the lump, and when placed on his back in his baby gym, he would also lie on the side without the lump.

The position in which he was sleeping resulted in an abnormal head shape, particularly with excessive width at the back.

They had spoken with health professionals who provided no advice, and after discussing the situation with friends and family, a friend directed them to Technology in Motion.

At that point, they weren't aware that a helmet might be needed, how it worked, or whether it was suitable for a baby. They conducted extensive research day and night and eventually decided to book a consultation once their son turned 4 months old.


At their consultation, it was discovered that Jesse fell into the severe 1% category for Brachycephaly. This revelation was surprising yet not unexpected, given the shape of his head. The clinic provided them with a wealth of information and advice. After discussions with family later that day, they made the decision to proceed with the helmet.

Two weeks later, the helmet was fitted. Initially, they had concerns about Jesse's sleep and how he would adapt to it. To their delight, Jesse had no sleeping issues, adapted remarkably well, and achieved numerous milestones while wearing the helmet. During this period, he rolled over, sat up unassisted, started weaning, got his first teeth, and achieved many more developmental milestones.

"We were told initially 12 weeks for the helmet fit and were lucky for the helmet to be on throughout the winter seasons. We got to 12 weeks with our treatment and had potentially another 2 weeks left and decided to stop the helmet journey as we were so pleased with the results on the chart and in the flesh!"

We would like to thank Emma for all her help! In clinic and outside of the clinic.As first time parents during a pandemic this was a very scary situation at first for us however Technology in Motion made everything smooth sailing and we couldn’t be happier with the results!