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Plagiocephaly Self Assessment App

Plagiocephaly Self Assessment App

Assess the severity of your baby’s flat head syndrome with our new app

We see many parents who have been told that their babies’ deformities are mild. But when we take objective measurements, we often find that there is quite a severe deformity that is very unlikely to correct without some help. So, to help parents make an informed decision, our web designers have created a new and unique plagiocephaly self assessment app that can be used at home.

About our plagiocephaly self assessment app

Our plagiocephaly app is based on our earlier severity chart, which we have developed over the last year based on our experience and understanding of the nature of brachycephaly and plagiocephaly.

Plagiocephaly Self Assessment App


To inform parents, the application shows the before and after head shapes for a group of infants we have treated, each of whom has achieved an outstanding result.

While we can’t always bring the more extreme head shapes back to full normality, we know that we can and do make a huge difference to these infants’ head shapes, which would definitely not see the same level of improvement without our help.

A recent study has confirmed that helmet treatment achieves better results for babies with plagiocephaly and brachycephaly than repositioning alone.

‘Significant differences between the treatment groups in the mean change in cephalic index and cranial vault asymmetry were found; the children that used helmet therapy demonstrated greater improvement.’

Naidoo et al., June 2015. ‘Long-term outcomes in treatment of deformational plagiocephaly and brachycephaly using helmet therapy and repositioning: a longitudinal cohort study.’


The application works best with Google Chrome, Windows Explorer 9 and above, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Opera, as these browsers are best able to handle its high graphic aspect.

Try our plagiocephaly self assessment app here or call us on 0330 100 1800 to book an appointment at your nearest clinic.

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