Whether you refer to it as a head shape deformity, plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome – the solution remains the same. Introducing TiMbandAir (known as Talee in EU countries) – a groundbreaking treatment utilising revolutionary custom-made 3D printing technology.

TiMbandAir offers an advanced and highly effective approach to treating flat head syndrome. Our state-of-the-art process ensures unparalleled precision, resulting in custom-made helmets that provide improved comfort and care for your little one.

Say goodbye to the worries and discomfort associated with traditional treatment methods. With TiMbandAir, you can rest assured that your child’s journey towards a healthier head shape is supported by cutting-edge technology, tailored specifically to their unique needs.


Benefits of TiMbandAir

Our revolutionary patent-pending bio-responsive technology combines our clinical experience with our technical strengths to offer the following benefits of using the TiMbandAir:

Unlike other helmets, the TiMbandAir has a unique 3 shell construction:

Shell 1 – The inner-layer is a soft breathable easy-clean liner for comfort and to minimise sweating.
Shell 2 – The mid-layer is key for control, shock-absorption, and provides gentle, flexible pressure that
gives controlled and comfortable correction.
Shell 3 – The outer-layer which gives strength, holds the desired shape and provides protection.

Overall, the TiMbandAir is easy to use, easy to fit and comfortable for your baby.

Breathability: Perforated structures make the TiMbandAir breathable, promoting ventilation and reducing sweating.

Lightness: The full potential of 3D printing lends itself to making the TiMbandAir lighter.

Layered matrix shell: TiMbandAir has a thinner shell than traditional helmets. Each layer is individually designed to provide, strength, flexibility and comfort where required to improve babies’ comfort, allowing them to soon forget they are wearing a helmet.


Why choose TiMbandAir?

Research shows that orthotic helmet treatment is the most effective solution for severe head shape deformity. The orthosis gently allows the head to correct as it grows and has a high success rate, taking between four to six months.

 Between Technology in Motion’s treatments and our manufacturing sister company, we’ve successfully treated over 8,000 infants across six countries. Not only have we seen amazing results, but we have also gained first-hand experience by navigating the drawbacks of standard cranial remoulding orthoses, such as weight, thermal discomfort and sizing. That’s where TiMbandAir comes in.

TiMbandAir has received the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best design award. Red dot ranks among the world’s largest design competitions and has been held for over 60 years. The jury shortlisted only a few dozens of products – about 1% – from more than 5500 applications from 55 countries, for the Best of the Best award. In addition to attention to the quality of design, jury experts assess the innovativeness of the product and its potential to impact specific segments of healthcare globally.

“The aim of our devices is not only to effectively treat babies but also to break down prejudices that medical devices are uncomfortable products and having to use them is a necessary evil. We realise that the psychological side of the treatment is no less important for our patients and their parents, and we are therefore trying to keep one step ahead of other companies in the field by offering patients modern products that resemble fashion accessories rather than medical devices. Standard cranial remoulding orthoses are often bulky, heavy and uncomfortable. This is due to the limits of manufacturing technology commonly used in our industry. That’s why we have decided to use 3D printing, which gives us the freedom and opportunity to manufacture nearly anything.”

Ales Grygar, Invent Medical’s chief designer and Red Dot: Best of the Best award recipient.


TiMbandAir – 4 Steps to Head Shape Correction

With the TiMbandAir, you’ll start to see improvement in your baby’s head shape in the first few days. Because the changes are unmistakable, you won’t need to wait and hope – you’ll see the treatment working immediately. The process involves just 4 steps:

  • We take a safe photographic scan of your baby’s head using the latest high-resolution 3D scanning technology. This will ensure the helmet is the perfect fit for your baby’s head shape.
  • Our expert clinician will then talk you through the design and overall look of the TiMbandAir and answer any questions you may have before sending out to print.
  • The helmet is then custom made using pioneering 3D printers from our partners at Invent Medical who have introduced the next generation of orthotic treatment for flat head syndrome.
  • The helmet will then be sent over to your clinician, ready to be fitted at your next scheduled appointment. All that’s left to do is wait for your baby’s TiMbandAir to bring about correction which will be a life-long positive improvement in your baby’s head shape.

We are proud to be the exclusive UK partner of the next generation of orthotic treatment – the 3D printed remoulding helmet by Invent Medical that offers improved comfort, streamlined aesthetics and gentle care.

As always, your baby will receive expert care from one of our qualified and registered clinicians, who are led by Steve Mottram, the UK’s leading clinician in the field of plagiocephaly treatment and flat head syndrome correction.

For more information or to set up an appointment with a clinician, contact us today.

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