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Zaki’s Story

Zaki’s Story

Zaki Corby’s parents first started noticing the flattening of his head at around 4 months old. After Googling the term “head flattening in babies”, they came across Technology in Motion and called to find out more. Karen, Zaki’s mum, said, “I called and spoke to a very nice lady who talked me through what would happen and she answered all my immediate questions.”

zaki in helmetKaren then booked an appointment for Zaki to have a consultation, “we didn’t have to wait long for his consultation appointment which I was very pleased about.” Immediately after the consultation, the family were relieved they had found a clinic who could help. Zaki’s plagiocephaly fell into the severe category and as the left side of his head was the flattest part, it was starting to affect his left ear, so they decided to go ahead with treatment at 10 and a half months old.

The journey overall was a smooth one, which surprised Zaki’s parents. Karen adds, “he took to the helmet really well. We had worried he might not want to wear it but Zaki never tried to remove it. He seemed very comfortable in it!” The family very much looked forward to the appointments at the TiM clinic each time, to see the amazing progress Zaki had been making.

Zaki finished his TiMband journey at 16months old, falling into the mild category on the severity graph. Karen mentioned, “We just wished we’d have known about the treatment sooner as we would have started the treatment earlier”. Everyone is very proud of Zaki and happy with his amazing progress and the end result!

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