Nellie-Grace’s Story | Plagiocephaly Case Study

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Nellie-Grace’s Story

Nellie-Grace’s Story

Nellie-Grace Edith Loveridge’s parents first noticed the flattening of her head when she was approx. three months old. After numerous attempts at trying to help through various techniques, nothing seemed to work and, in fact, the family feared it may even be getting worse.

Nellie-Grace Before

Nellie-Grace’s parents began researching online, trying to find answers and learning more about plagiocephaly, when they came across Technology in Motion.

Lottie, Nellie-Grace’s mother, Lottie, commented, “Technology in Motion were the best and gave us lots of information before even booking a consultation. We felt really happy and excited for Nellie’s Tim band journey to begin, we decided there and then that it was the right decision for her and paid for her helmet on the first appointment.”


At the initial consultation, Nellie-Grace’s head measurements were in the red area of the chart and, therefore, she was categorised as having severe plagiocephaly, with the flattened spot being on the right side of her head.

Throughout her helmet therapy, Nellie-Grace was very comfortable and took it in her stride since the first day, including through the hot summer months. On the last day, she started to pull on the helmet slightly but, overall, Lottie says “we had no struggles or complications with her helmet, we were very lucky.”


Nellie-Grace finished her treatment when she was 10 months old, having undergone four months of helmet therapy treatment with “amazing results” seen in the photos shown.

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