Joshua's Story | Flat Head Plagiocephaly Case Study
Joshua’s Story

Joshua’s Story

Gina, mum to TiMband graduate Joshua, has shared her excitement over her little one’s fantastic achievement. In doing so, Gina has kindly shared information on Joshua’s TiMband journey…
Gina and Joshua’s dad first noticed their baby boy’s flattening when he was 2 months old. It was at this point that Gina approached Joshua’s health visitor for advice on his head shape, who advised that Gina carry out some private research on helmet therapy. As most parents do, Gina took to the internet to find her answers, during which she asked for advice on cranial helmets by posting in a parenting group on Facebook. It was on here that a lady recommended the team at Technology in Motion.

Joshua’s mum and dad booked him in for an appointment at their nearest clinic, which was the Bristol clinic. At Joshua’s first appointment, Technology in Motion clinician Martin Bell identified that he had a combination of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, and he was within the ‘severe’ range. Helmet treatment was proposed for Joshua, as the severity of his condition and the fact that the flattening had not yet corrected meant that treatment was required to correct Joshua’s flattening. Gina and her partner decided to go ahead with treatment, and at this point, Gina felt relief that something was being done about Joshua’s head shape. But, understandably, Joshua’s parents felt nervous about the prospect of his helmet treatment.

Joshua started his TiMband journey at just under 6 months of age, and he took to his helmet so well. When Joshua’s helmet began to rub in places, which is a sign of head growth and is great news for correcting a baby’s head shape, Martin shaved it down at Joshua’s appointments. Joshua was also prone to chest infections and so suffered from fevers often, during which time he had to be out of his helmet. Despite having these periods of time without a helmet, he was a little trooper and adjusted back to wearing the helmet really well. Well done Joshua!

Starting in the severe range, Joshua made fantastic progress with his TiMband treatment. Mum, Gina, notes that Joshua’s TiMband journey wasn’t as rough as she had initially expected, “he needed 2 helmets to achieve the results we wanted. He wore the helmets for just over a year but coped really well. We are SO happy with the results we’ve received from the helmets!”. We’re so pleased that Joshua made fantastic progress during his treatment, and it’s great to here that his parents are so pleased with the results.