George's Story | Flat Head Plagiocephaly Case Study
George’s Story

George’s Story

Natalie, mother of 2 young boys with brachycephaly shares her son’s TiMband transformation with us:

When our first child was born, we noticed that he had severe brachycephaly. Following the advice of our GP health visitors and paediatrician, we did not seek treatment, assured that the issue would self-correct. Unfortunately, the head shape deformity did not improve over time and our eldest son, now 3 years old, has to live with brachycephaly.

Determined to prevent this from happening again, when my second child, George, was born, I went and bought the special supportive pillows and mattresses. Despite my efforts, at 8 weeks old, I started to notice a flattening.

I immediately Googled ‘skull flattening’ and came across Technology in Motion. When I rang Technology in Motion I spoke to Lisa, who kindly sent me a repositioning guide and advised me to call back when George was 4 months old if I still had concerns.

At 4 months old, it was still clear that George’s head wasn’t round like it should be, but flat and misshapen. So, I promptly called Technology in Motion and booked him in for a free plagiocephaly assessment. At this assessment I was told that our little man had severe brachycephaly.

Naturally, I felt apprehensive and worried that the helmet treatment would hurt George. But, after some consideration, we decided to go ahead with treatment and within 2 weeks George’s helmet was fitted. George took to his helmet straight away and looked so cute!

After just 2 weeks we got amazing results! With each and every appointment, George’s head shape improved more and more. If we ever had any concerns, we just spoke to our clinician, Steve Mottram, who promptly made us an appointment to see him straight away.

5 months later treatment was finished and our little boy George graduated from Technology in Motion with only mild brachycephaly. We are over the moon with George’s results and can’t thank Technology in Motion enough for everything they have done. Getting George a TiMband was the best thing we ever did!

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