Coby's Story | Flat Head Plagiocephaly Case Study

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Coby’s Story

Coby’s Story

Finding out that your baby has flat head syndrome can be an emotional and financial roller coaster ride. Treatment is only provided by the NHS in exceptional cases, with the majority of parents having to raise the funds themselves. Coby’s inspirational plagiocephaly story serves as a reminder not to give up – even when the odds seem to be stacked against you.

Coby’s story

Andria Donnison first voiced her concerns to her health visitor when Coby was between two and three months old, but was assured that his head shape would correct itself once he started rolling over.

It was Andria’s mother, Carol, who discovered Technology in Motion and suggested that she give us a call. Coby’s flat head syndrome measured within the severe range and we explained that helmet therapy would be required in order to correct the deformity. Andria said,

“At first I was upset and also worried about the costs involved, but thanks to the support of our family, friends and the local community we managed to raise enough money for Coby’s helmet whilst raising awareness about the condition at the same time. I’m often approached by other mothers in a similar position who have also been told that their baby’s head will correct itself but have found otherwise. Having had such a positive experience with Technology in Motion I always recommend that they get a second opinion, even if it’s just for peace of mind.”

Local businesses in Bridlington rallied together to donate funds and raffle prizes for Coby’s treatment. He became quite the local celebrity and his blue helmet and big smile earned him a great deal of attention during the weeks and months that followed.

Both Coby’s family and his orthotist Sandie Waddell were delighted with the outcome.

“Coby’s head was severely deformed before we started treatment but now you wouldn’t even know that there had ever been a problem. He was five months old at the start of treatment and 11 months old at the end. He started with an asymmetry of 17mm, which improved to 4mm, and a CI (width to length ratio) of 97 percent, which improved to 87 percent. I am delighted with the result of his treatment and wish him and his family well for the future.”

Coby’s before and after scans demonstrate the dramatic transformation that occurred:

Coby - before and after

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