Alice's Story | Flat Head Plagiocephaly Case Study
Alice’s Story

Alice’s Story

Having a little one is a wonderful thing but it can also be nerve wracking at times, particularly where clinical intervention is required. Often it’s reassuring to read about the experiences of other families, so we thought we would share Alice’s plagiocephaly helmet success story with you to help put your mind at rest.

Alice’s mum and dad, Leanne and Craig, brought her to see us when she was five months old as they were worried that Alice’s head shape was ‘not right’ and wanted our opinion to see if we could help her. They had tried repositioning but her head shape wasn’t improving at all.

Looking down from above, a normal head shape should look a bit like an egg with the width about 4/5 of the length. Alice’s head was much wider than this with a width 99 percent of the length, just 1mm narrower than it was long.

A wide head shape is called a brachycephaly. Alice also had a difference across the diagonal, with measurements of 25mm, which is quite a severe plagiocephaly.

Leanne and Craig decided to treat her with a TiMband and Alice was discharged today after wearing the helmet for five months. She has had a great result with both the width and the asymmetry coming into the normal range. The asymmetry is now 4mm and the width in relation to the length is 83 percent.

Mum is delighted and cannot believe how amazing Alice’s head looks now.

Well done Alice!!


Technology in Motion is a leading UK provider of helmet therapy. We have successfully treated thousands of infants with plagiocephaly and brachycephaly over the years using our unique TiMband helmet, which offers a gentle, safe and pain-free correction.

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