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BAPO Advancing Healthcare Awards Nomination

Nomination for Advancing Healthcare Awards


We are delighted to announce that our Managing Directer Steve Mottram has been recognised by Advancing Healthcare Awards, for the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists Award for Innovators in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Steve Mottram, a true luminary in the field, is the UK's leading clinician in the correction of flat head syndrome and craniosynostosis. His pioneering work began in 2003 when he introduced cranial remoulding to the UK, revolutionising the treatment landscape. In 2009, Steve furthered this commitment to innovation by developing the TiMband system for lightweight helmet treatment, offering hope and a future for countless babies and their families. Over the years, Steve, along with his dedicated team, has provided invaluable guidance and support to the parents of more than 7,000 babies across the UK.

Though Steve didn't secure the award, the nomination itself is a testament to the remarkable journey that has unfolded over the years. As he so humbly expressed:

I am surprised and delighted to have been nominated for this award and it’s so rewarding to know that this work has been recognised by being shortlisted. Without the fantastic colleagues that we have in the UK and abroad, I know that these innovations would not have been possible.

This recognition acknowledges his unwavering dedication to advancing the field of orthotics, cranial remoulding, and craniosynostosis treatment. Steve's efforts have not only benefited the orthotics industry but have also played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of infants affected by craniosynostosis.