Before utilising TiMbandAir™ treatment, we offer a no-obligation pre-assessment both in clinic or remotely where we will assess your baby’s head shape and advise on options to resolve the problem. We know that parents are often unsure of exactly how severe their baby’s head shape is. Because of this, we offer this appointment as a FREE service to you.

If you require us to write letters for your GP, to create a scan viewer USB, or if you would like us to monitor changes from repositioning techniques, then a fee will apply.

The TiMbandAir™  is modelled to the exact shape of your baby’s head and is made by expert clinician orthotists. This plagiocephaly helmet will gently correct the head shape as your baby grows, whilst being comfortable and safe to wear.

10% discount

We are offering a 10% discount on all helmets ordered in both May and June 2023. Simply quote MAYJUNTIM2 at your appointment.





Many parents choose to pay for the TiMbandAir™ treatment through sponsorship events and community fundraisers. Our expert practitioners, as well as our community of parents and friends, can provide advice on how to go about this.

Additionally, if you are having funding difficulties, there are dedicated charities that can help.


Headstart 4 Babies

Headstart is a small charity run by parents, for parents. The charity is dedicated to helping those who have difficulties paying for flat head syndrome treatment. Set up by Philip Saich, with a group of like-minded parents who work as trustees, Headstart launched in 2005 and has since helped hundreds of parents. We know HeadStart4Babies well and they have helped many of the babies that we treat. They know and understand the issues surrounding flat head syndrome treatment and will also provide independent advice and support.

For further information contact HeadStart4Babies here: headstart4babies.co.uk and to register with their Just Giving Page, click here: Just Giving: Headstart4Babies.


Tree of Hope

Timband Price and Funding

Tree of Hope is passionate about improving the health and lives of sick and disabled children resident in the United Kingdom. Their donations assist in the provision of grants that allow children to obtain medical surgery, treatment, therapies and equipment – including corrective treatments for flat head syndrome – which would not otherwise be available to them.

We know Tree of Hope well and they are great in helping parents by assisting with payments and helping parents to fundraise to meet the cost of treatment. With the guidance and approval of medical practitioners, Tree of Hope will fund grants for medical treatment and therapy within the medical private sector in the UK. The charity will also fund surgery and treatment by medical specialists abroad, where the specific knowledge and facilities are available, to treat children as quickly as possible.

For further information, contact Tree of Hope here: www.treeofhope.org.uk, and they will let you know if and how they can help.