Plagiocephaly Before and After Treatment Pictures

Plagiocephaly Before and After Treatment Pictures

Plagiocephaly Before and After Treatment Pictures

At Technology in Motion, we use our innovative TiMbandAir cranial helmet to treat babies with moderate to severe conditions of flat head syndrome. The TiMbandAir works alongside a baby’s natural head growth, making it a painless and safe treatment option. Because of this, our Technology in Motion clinicians are able to help so many babies and see tremendous, life-changing results.

For parents considering treatment, being able to see visual results experienced by babies can help you to understand the type of results that TiMbandAir treatment can give. Some of our parents have allowed us to share their plagiocephaly before and after pictures, so take a look to see some of the fantastic results!



Ollie Before and After Flat Head Treatment

Ollie After Flat Head Treatment

The ideal age for treatment to start is between the age of 4 and 7 months, and Ollie was 6 months old when he started his TiMbandAir treatment. Starting with severe plagiocephaly on the left side of his head in April 2017, Ollie graduated from his TiMbandAir treatment in the August with only mild plagiocephaly. As you can see from the above plagiocephaly before and after pictures, the visual difference is fantastic! To read more about Oliver’s journey, take a look at his story over on the Technology in Motion website.



Joel Before and After Flat Head Treatment

Joel was also 6 months old when he started his helmet treatment, finishing at 9 months of age. Joel had severe brachycephaly and finished with mild brachycephaly, with amazing visual results! As you can see, the flattening on the back of Joel’s head has become much more rounded. Mum, Katie, is really pleased, “his head looks perfect now!”.


Donevan Before and After

Donevan started his TiMbandAir treatment at 6 months old and wore the helmet until the age of 11 months. Starting with severe plagiocephaly and moderate brachycephaly, Donevan has experienced brilliant results and his family are over the moon. You can understand why after seeing his brilliant plagiocephaly before and after shots, “best move we made as a family”!


Elliott Before and After Plagiocephaly Treatment

Elliot started his treatment at 5.5 months and finished at 9 months. Elliot started in the severe category and finished treatment very much in the mild. What a fantastic difference the TiMbandAir made! Treatment length is different for each baby depending on the age that they started and the severity of their condition. As the helmet works alongside the natural growth of a baby’s head, results are effected by rate of growth.


Jake Before and After Plagiocephaly Treatment

Another brilliant flat head syndrome before and after transformation is held by Jake. Jake saw a fantastic transformation after 5 months of wearing his TiMbandAir, and his head now looks lovely and rounded!


Ted Before and After Plagiocephaly Treatment

Ted started his treatment at 6 months old, finishing at 14 months with a wonderful transformation. Ted started with severe plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, but saw vast improvements with his TiMbandAir treatment. Mum, Karen, says the treatment is the, “best thing we will have ever done for him and the best we could have done. Thank you”!



Rocco Before and After Flat Head Treatment

Our TiMbandAir treatment can be started up to the age of 14 months, and Nikki’s little one started at 11 months old, finishing at 17 months of age. Nikki explains that they had a lot of conflicting advice from their physio, which is why they didn’t start TiMbandAir treatment until later. Rocco is a twin and he was positioned under his twin brother in the womb, resulting in Rocco developing a flattening. Nikki was told that Rocco’s flattening would correct itself as he grows, but found that to not be the case. It was then that Nikki found Technology in Motion and a way to correct Rocco’s flattening – “Now, my boy doesn’t need to worry about hats not fitting him as he gets older”!


What Results Can I Expect From the TiMbandAir?

As these plagiocephaly before and after pictures demonstrate, each baby’s helmet journey is different and unique to them. The results that they experience depend on various factors, such as the severity of their condition and the age that they began treatment. As well as this, babies experience growth spurts at different times, and so some parents can see fantastic results in the first week, whereas it can take a little longer for other babies.


If you think that your baby would benefit from our TiMbandAir treatment, do not hesitate to book a free pre-assessment at your nearest clinic. We have clinics throughout the UK and can assess the severity of your little one’s head shape.

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