Best Places to Get Plagiocephaly Advice and Support

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Best Places to Get Plagiocephaly Advice and Support

Best Places to Get Plagiocephaly Advice and Support

Mini Directory of Plagiocephaly Advice and Support Websites

Having a baby with flat head syndrome can feel rather overwhelming at times. While the condition is not proven to have a negative effect on development, it can still be distressing for parents who, naturally, want what is best for their little ones. But you are not alone. In the UK, plagiocephaly affects around half of all babies under the age of one to some degree.

No matter what stage of the plagiocephaly journey you and your family are at, there are several fantastic resources out there which you can turn to for plagiocephaly support. Whether you wish to share your experiences with other parents or seek advice on plagiocephaly from the experts, this mini directory will help you find the right places to go in times of need.

Practical/emotional advice and support

BabyCentre Community – Plagiocephaly Support
BabyCentre Community is a public forum where parents can seek plagiocephaly support and advice from professional Orthotists and other families going through the same thing. BabyCentre also has lots of other useful information for parents, including pages on plagiocephaly.

Mumsnet is the UK’s biggest network for parents, with over 9.4 million monthly visitors. This website acts as an outlet where parents can swap advice and actively engage in discussions about all things children. If you have any queries or quandaries relating to plagiocephaly or simply want to offer your advice to other struggling parents, Mumsnet is a great place to do so. You can also find general parenting information, advice, news, reviews and features.

Technology in Motion on Facebook
Join an ever-growing and supportive community of parents sharing plagiocephaly support and advice, concerns and success stories. With expert Orthotists only a message away, you can ask for professional advice on anything you need to know. The Technology in Motion Facebook page is also packed with links to the latest news and informative blog posts related to flat head syndrome.

Plagiocephaly Awareness & Support on Facebook
Set up by Reesa Moore in an attempt to raise awareness and offer support to families suffering from plagiocephaly, this Facebook group is a great resource to discuss flat head syndrome and other related conditions.

Financial advice and support

Tree of Hope
This charity supports families across the UK, helping them to raise the funds they require to help their children through a disability or illness. The money raised enables children and young people alike to obtain the specialist medical treatment, therapy and equipment they need which they might not otherwise have access to through the UK health system. Working closely with medical practitioners, Tree of Hope can assist with payment for plagiocephaly treatment and advise parents on fundraising.

Charitable organisation set up by parents, for parents, to raise awareness of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly. HeadStart4Babies provides fundraising guidance for parents who are saving up for treatment as well as independent plagiocephaly advice and support.

The world’s leading online fundraising platform. On JustGiving, lives are changed every single day. So, if you would like a helping hand to raise the money your child needs for plagiocephaly treatment, set up a page describing your campaign and spread the word via email, social media and word of mouth, asking for donations.

Clinical treatment and advice on plagiocephaly

Technology in Motion

Technology in Motion is an organisation committed to improving people’s lives.  With clinics across the UK and a dedicated team of expert Orthotists on hand, Technology in Motion has been helping families and providing helmet treatment for plagiocephaly for several years. Our expert clinicians and happy families have helped Technology in Motion to create a hub of plagiocephaly support.


At Technology in Motion, we are here for you when you need it most. So, whether you need specialist plagiocephaly advice, want to inquire about treatment options or simply need some support, call us on 0330 100 1800 or book an appointment via the online form to book a no-obligation plagiocephaly assessment.

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