Keeping Baby Warm in Winter without Overheating

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Keeping Baby Warm in Winter without Overheating

Keeping Baby Warm in Winter without Overheating

Babies are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, and so it can be tricky for parents to get it just right when trying to keep baby warm. It is recommended that babies should never be dressed in anything more than 10 togs, but the environment and activity plays a large role in how a baby should be dressed to keep warm. To help you during these colder months, here are some useful tips for keeping baby warm in winter without overheating.

Layer Up On a Walk

keep baby warm during winter without overheating

When you and the little one are venturing out in the frost and snow, it’s extremely important to provide your baby with the right layers. Now is the time to use their little mittens, boots, hats, and winter coats. It is recommended that parents dress their baby in at least one more layer than they themselves would wear in the winter weather. It’s also advised not to be afraid to take your little one outside when the weather is nippy – fresh air is extremely beneficial for you both, as long as you kit your baby out with the right layers! If you notice your little one shivering or with blue lips or a blue nose, it’s imperative that you get them back into warmth as quickly as possible, as this indicates that they are too cold.

Remove Layers in the Car

remove layers while in the car to prevent baby overheating

It is strongly advised that parents remove any coats or sleeping bags from their baby while in the car. These thick layers are considered a safety risk in the event of a crash as the car strap needs to be close to your baby’s chest. These layers are also likely to cause overheating so should definitely be avoided. In the cold winter temperatures, fit your little one with a jumper and fleece, or thin jacket. When temperatures are a little more mild, keep your baby in thin layers and instead lay a blanket over them, which you can then remove once the car reaches a warm temperature.

Limit Layers Indoors

limit layers indoors to prevent overheating in winter

When keeping your baby warm in winter, it’s important not to over-dress them during play indoors. Again, it is recommended to dress your little one in one-extra layer than you are wearing, but it’s also essential to monitor their temperature. If they appear fidgety or agitated, or appear to be sweating, these are key indicators that your baby may be too warm. Checking their toes or their belly can be a good indication of how warm they are.

Stay Dry Outdoors

stay dry outdoors to keep baby warm in winter

Playing in the snow can be an exhilarating and exciting time for any baby, particularly if they are experiencing if for the first time! It’s brilliant to let them play and experience this fun, but it’s just as important to keep baby warm and dry in winter snow. To ensure this, dress your baby in a waterproof jacket and trousers, or a waterproof snowsuit, as well as waterproof mittens to prevent their hands from becoming too cold.

Ensure Warmth During Sleep

ensure baby is warm during sleep in winter

For those concerned about how to keep baby warm at night, it’s extremely important not to place loose blankets in their crib as this can increase the likelihood of SIDs. Instead, fit their cot with a fitted flannel sheet to add some warmth. The temperature of your baby’s room at night should be between 16°C and 20°C, with the optimum temperature being 18°C. Investing in a room thermometer will allow you to check on this and make sure you are keeping baby warm in winter. One-piece cotton sleepsuits are great for ensuring that baby stays warm without becoming overheated. Sleeveless sleeping bags are also available that fit your baby without them being able to kick it off and cause a potential danger to them. Generally, a 2.5 tog sleeping bag is suitable.

For babies wearing the TiMbandAir, it’s important to remember that the helmet adds some extra warmth. It’s thought that the helmet translates to roughly 2 togs. It’s important to bear this in mind when dressing your baby for any activity.

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