Craniosynostosis Treatment

Craniosynostosis (cray-nee-oh-sin-oh-sto-sis) is a rare condition found in around three in 10,000 live births, which affects how the bones in the skull grow. Translated from Greek, ‘cranio’ means head, and ‘synostosis’ means fusion.

Craniosynostosis is the premature fusion of one or more of the joints (sutures) between the bone plates that make up your baby’s skull. These sutures are normally flexible to allow both the natural birth process and remain open during growth to allow the brain to grow develop naturally within the skull casing. Over time as brain growth completes, the sutures fuse naturally to form a protective bone casing around the brain. In the case of a synostosis, one or more of these sutures fuses together prematurely, causing the head to develop an unusual shape as the skull is unable to grow properly.

This condition can be confused with Plagiocephalyand other variants of flat head syndrome, as they both result in a skull deformation. Our experience is that we see approximately one in 100 infants with an undiagnosed synostosis. If we suspect this, we will not treat and will refer you back to your GP and your nearest cranio facial unit where appropriate investigations and treatment can be undertaken. IN case of synostosis, an operation is the only way that this can be corrected. Sometimes, a helmet can be used to bring about further correction and we work with clinicians in Europe who offer this type of intervention.

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If you are concerned about your baby’s head shape, please contact us. We can not treat a synostosis but are able to help decide if this is the reason for the deformity.


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We’ve also compiled a list of frequently asked questions which will help you understand more about Plagiocephaly and other variants of flat head syndrome. Likewise, we have a selection of case studies and testimonials that provide an insight into our treatments. Or you can read about parents’ first-hand experiences on our Facebook page.

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