Coping with Negativity About Plagiocephaly Helmets

Coping with Negativity About Plagiocephaly Helmets

Coping with Negativity About Plagiocephaly Helmets

At Technology in Motion, we have a large network of mums and dads who support one another through their baby’s TiMbandAir journey. With this comes lots of useful advice and shared experiences that help to make the journey as successful and easy as possible. Because many parents are experiencing plagiocephaly treatment for the first time, the process is just as new to them as it is for their baby. 

Many parents discuss the reactions that other people have had to their baby’s helmet. Reactions are often mixed, whether it be interest, confusion, support, or sometimes more negative feelings. We have come across many mums and dads who seek advice for dealing with the more negative of reactions. Based on advice from fellow parents and also from ourselves, here are some tactics that will help to make coping with negativity about plagiocephaly helmets easier.

Negativity Can Be a Result of Confusion or a Lack of Understanding

Plagiocephaly helmets are still a relatively new thing and many people haven’t come across them before. Sometimes the confusion or lack of understanding from a passerby or someone close to you can lead to a negative attitude. However, with knowledge that this may be due to a lack of understanding towards the helmet, you might find it easier to accept and understand this better.

Coping with Negativity from Friends or Family 

Some parents struggle to get support from friends or family at the start of treatment. However, many report that this changes once people start to see the fantastic results that a plagiocephaly helmet brings to the baby. After all, the results are hard to ignore! If you find yourself in this situation, try showing your friends and family a picture of your little one’s head before treatment, and compare it to what their head looks like now. Alternatively, show them the progress chart presented to you at your appointment! In most cases, those close to you are only concerned about the wellbeing of your baby. Once they realise that the helmet is benefitting them, you’re likely to gain their support.

Dealing with Negativity from Strangers

There are also some mums and dads who explain that people who seem to be negative are actually just confused. If you want to, take the time to explain to them what the helmet is doing. You are likely to find that the majority of people are just unaware of a plagiocephaly helmet and when they realise the that it is doing, they jump onboard. The greater the awareness of the condition, the more babies that can be helped with a plagiocephaly helmet, so think of each person’s curiosity as an opportunity to educate and help to spread the word!

Not All Stares Mean Negativity

When people stare, try not to assume that they are judging or being negative. On the most part, people are curious to know what the helmet is for. Staring can be rude, but if you accept that it isn’t necessarily with bad intentions, this will make it easier for you to cope with them.

If people are rude to you, which a few parents have come across, you don’t owe them an explanation. Don’t feel like you have to argue with them, but you might find that they change their opinion once they understand the helmet better. Some parents even find it easier to deal with negativity by using humour as a response.

Think of the Bigger Picture

If you have experienced a negative look or a rude stare and it’s getting you down, always remember why you went ahead with your little one’s treatment in the first place. Once you start to see the results you’ve been wanting, it’ll help you to remain positive and brush off comments that suggest otherwise! Talking to other parents whose babies are going through treatment is a great support system to many, and so chatting to parents when you visit our clinics or talking over our social media can help you through your little one’s TiMbandAir journey.

Negative Comments are a Rarity 

It’s also important to know that most interactions with other people regarding your baby’s plagiocephaly helmet are actually positive. Many of our parents express how much positivity and support they have had for their little one’s treatment. With a growing awareness for the condition of plagiocephaly and plagiocephaly helmets, more and more people are becoming familiar with them. It’s becoming more common for people to know someone whose baby has had, or currently has, a plagiocephaly helmet. As a result, many parents find that they bump into people who are advocates of the treatment and are familiar with the helmet. This often leads to supportive comments that make the treatment even easier to deal with.

If you have any questions regarding our TiMbandAir treatment, get in touch with one of our friendly team today by calling 0330 100 1800.

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