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What Parents Can Expect with the TiMband

What Parents Can Expect with the TiMband


If your little one has a TiMbandAir, you are likely to have already witnessed it working its magic (if your baby is yet to put on their plagiocephaly helmet, you have all of this excitement to come!). As well as improving the shape of your baby’s head, you can expect a few other things with the TiMbandAir, such as sweating or pink areas on the head. Should you be worried? No, the TiMbandAir is designed to be 100% baby-friendly! To reassure you, this blog post highlights the most common queries that we receive about the TiMbandAir when babies start treatment.

Our Top 2 Queries

Temperature Control and Sweating

“I’m worried that my baby might get too hot and sweaty in their helmet”

Does this happen?

To encourage correction, the TiMbandAir is designed to fit snuggly on the head. While this doesn’t cause your baby any pain or discomfort, it can cause them to sweat and feel warmer than usual as they are not used to wearing the helmet, which is essentially an added layer than the body is not used to having.

What can you do to make it better?

This temperature control issue usually corrects itself within the first few days as your baby’s body settles down and adjusts to the helmet. The same effects can be seen in builders and other workers who have to wear a helmet or hard hat for work. When they start wearing a helmet, their body realises that it can’t lose heat in that area anymore, so starts to sweat elsewhere. Once the worker is used to the helmet, their temperature returns to normal and they sweat less. The exact same principle occurs for your little builder!

Pinkness/Pink Patches

“I have just taken off my baby’s helmet and have noticed pinker areas and a vinegary odour”

Why does this happen?

If you notice pink patches appearing on your baby’s head, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. These pink areas are simply the skin’s way of acclimatising to wearing a helmet (just as a new pair of shoes need to be settled in, so does a plagiocephaly helmet). The vinegary smell which is often associated with these pink patches is just a standard sweat odour which will dissipate over time.

What can you do to make it better?

Usually, pink patches will calm down and disappear very quickly on their own. However, if the pinkness isn’t settling down, apply a barrier cream such as Sudocrem to protect and soothe the skin. To aid healing and get rid of any vinegary smell, wipe your baby’s head and the inside of the helmet with a baby wipe.

What Can You Do If You Have Any Concerns?

If you have any concerns, no matter how big or small, please contact us. Equipped with years of experience, our friendly team are always happy to help.