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How to Keep a Routine with the TiMBandAir

How to Keep a Routine with the TiMBandAir
Introducing the TiMBandAir to your baby’s daily routine can take a little getting used to and, like anything new, it can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry though, a few simple rules will help everyone settle down quickly. Many parents are concerned that the TiMBandAir will interrupt their baby’s sleep pattern, so, incorporating it into baby’s night time routine will soon make wearing it feel normal within a few days.

TiMBandAir and Your Baby’s Daily Routine

Your regular bedtime routine will help distract your baby from the TiMBandAir and make it a non-eventful part of the end of the day and just as normal as wearing a nappy. Just as in the day, your baby will be wearing the TiMBandAir at night and it is often at bedtime that new mums can feel that it’s more difficult. At the start of treatment, your baby will be a little warmer and we advise that the helmet is not worn at night for the first two days so that your baby’s body can adjust. This always settles down within a few days and there are simple fixes to help manage your baby’s temperature.


Bedtime Routine

Many parents use the routine of bath, feed and bed which might also be right for you and your baby. For bathing, remove the helmet for bath-time – this is a great opportunity to wash baby’s hair and clean the TiMBandAir, especially as babies can get a little sweatier when first wearing the TiMBandAir. It’s ok to feed first as this is a lovely bonding time for you and your baby just before you put your baby down to put the helmet back on. This will help your baby associate the helmet with the comfort of feeding.
It may be that you prefer to change the order of this routine if this order doesn’t work for you. Some mothers find that it can work better to feed baby first and then fit the helmet after bathing.


Every Baby is Different

The TiMBandAir adjustment phase is different for everybody. Some babies have no trouble getting used to the helmet from the outset, while others find the first few days more challenging than others. However, with time it will become part of your routine and before you know it, the TiMBandAir will be a part of baby’s daily routine during treatment. Many parents even say they miss their baby wearing the helmet when it’s off!

If you’re considering helmet treatment for your baby, book a free pre-assessment with one of our clinicians. Or, if you have questions about incorporating the TiMBandAir into your baby’s routine, please contact our team who will be happy to help answer your questions.