10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather

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10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather

We all look forward to the summer months, but warmer temperatures can provide extreme discomfort for the little ones. Following some of these simple steps will help them to maintain a nice, cool temperature. Happy baby, happy life!

1. Hydration is Key

keep baby cool with hydration water bottle


We all drink more on hot days and it’s no different for your baby. To keep cool we sweat more and this fluid needs to be replaced, so keeping their fluids topped up is a must! Keep some nice cool water on hand, and for breastfed babies giving your little one extra water will keep their hydration levels up. This helps to balance your baby’s body temperature! You’ll know if your baby isn’t drinking enough as their nappy will be quite dry when you change them, and your baby may also be a little constipated.

2. Dress for Summer

keep baby cool by dressing for summer correctly


Dressing your baby in the right clothing for the temperature is very important. If your home is particularly warm, dress your baby in a nice cooling cotton garment. Even just a nappy and cotton vest is enough to make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold. Loose clothing that is also lightweight will help to keep your baby comfortable during warmer temperatures. If you’re out on an adventure, give them a sunhat or use a sunshade to shade them from the sun! Always use sun cream for your baby if you’re out and about.

3. Bath Time

keep baby cool in summer with cool bath


A nice refreshing cool bath can be the perfect answer to hot weather. Bathing your little one in lukewarm water will help to freshen them up before bedtime. Not only this, but it’s great for keeping your little one’s head clean for wearing their TiMbandAir during summer!

4. Keep Their Room Cool

keep baby's room cool in summer

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot room – we all know the feeling. If you know it’s going to be a sunny day, keep their curtains slightly closed and have the windows open. This stops the sun from heating the room too much, and the air ventilation will help to keep the room at a good temperature for bed time! If your home is very warm, a fan will also help to keep your baby cool.

5. Shade Bathing

If you’re out and about with your tot, make sure that you seek out the shade. Whether this is from an umbrella, canopy, or tree, protection from the sun will prevent overheating. Be aware that midday is especially hot and the sun is particularly strong, so it might be best to stay indoors at these times.

6. Sun Cream

keep baby cool in summer with sun cream

Your little one has delicate skin that needs protecting – even in the shade. There are a lot of baby sun creams on the market and if your baby is playing in water, waterproof sun cream is obviously best. Even in their cotton garments, sun cream is still needed.

7. Keep their Helmet Clean

keep baby cool in summer keeping plagiocephaly helmet clean

No one wants an uncomfortable head, and so keeping the TiMbandAir clean is a great way of ensuring comfort during warmer temperatures. A clean helmet will prevent an itchy scalp that is made worse with heat. If your baby looks particularly uncomfortable, take the helmet off and give it and your baby’s head a cooling wipe.

8. Use a Room Thermometer

using room thermometer to keep baby cool in summer

A room thermometer will give you an accurate reading of the room’s temperature. Knowledge of this will help you to dress your baby suitably and give you peace of mind. It will also let you know whether or not their room needs to be cooled with open windows or a fan.

9. Choose your Carrier Wisely

choose cool baby carrier for summer

Some baby carriers can be quite insulated, causing discomfort for your baby. Heavy fabrics should be avoided; a lightweight open weave nylon carrier will prevent your baby from feeling hot and bothered.

10. Ice Ice Baby

use ice to cool baby's room in summer

Electric fans can blow warm air around a room, doing little to cool your little one down. Placing a bowl of ice or frozen water bottles in front of the fan encourages cool air to circulate around the room. Even without a fan, placing ice in your baby’s room can help to cool the air.

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