Plagiocephaly Clinic | Osteoarthritis Treatment

Technology in Motion

Our Orthotists and Clinicians offer expert assessment
and treatment for orthopaedic problems.
In particular we provide treatment to resolve:
Plagiocephaly, (Flat Head Syndrome)
ACL Knee Injuries
Unicompartment Osteoarthritis
Neuromuscular Disabilities



Technology in Motion is dedicated to improving people's lives by providing the best in orthotic service, products and treatment techniques.

Established in 1993, we have a well earned reputation of excellence in orthotic management of plagiocephaly, correcting head shape deformities in infants; knee problems such as injury and arthritis, enabling people to return to their chosen sport and daily lives with confidence. We also provide full orthotic clinic services across the country.

From national UK clinics our Orthotists and Clinicians offer expert assessment and treatment for all orthopaedic and neuromuscular problems, these include Plagiocephaly (baby flat head syndrome), Custom Made Footwear, ACL Knee Injuries, Knee Osteoarthritis and Functional Electrical Stimulation or bracing for Neuromuscular Disabilities. 

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