Why We Don't Charge for Plagiocephaly Assessment

Why We Don’t Charge for Plagiocephaly Assessment

Why We Don’t Charge for Plagiocephaly Assessment

Parents often ask us why we don’t charge a fee for plagiocephaly assessment given that most other clinics do. It’s easy to assume that we are obliged to provide free assessments because they’re of no real value, or that we make the money back later on by adding hidden charges during the course of helmet treatment.

But neither of these assumptions are correct. There are three main reasons why we choose not to charge a fee for plagiocephaly assessment:

1. Parents are given very poor and conflicting advice from other sources. We make it our business to be as honest and upfront as possible and provide reassurance at what can be a difficult time, rather than seeking to take advantage of your distress.

2. We have all the required resources and equipment already so don’t actually need to charge. As a small company, we choose to offer assessment for plagiocephaly as a complimentary service to parents.

3. We’re a clinically-led company, not a sales-led one. We genuinely care for the infants that we see and want the best for them.

If you decide not to go ahead with treatment, that’s fine. There is no obligation to enter treatment just because you have had a free assessment. If we feel that it could be of benefit to your baby, we’ll tell you and leave it to you to make up your own mind.

In fact, of all the infants that we assess, most would benefit from treatment. We know that parents are often given the runaround by the medical professionals that they see, only to find out too late that the advice ‘it will correct itself’ or ‘it’ll pop out on its own’ is unfounded in many cases.

We regularly receive enquiries from parents whose babies are over 14 months of age, and even from the parents of five year old children, asking if we can help as the head is still deformed. Sadly, we can’t.

Our aim is to break down the barriers to parents seeking advice, rather than making them higher, so that such situations can be avoided in the first place.

We certainly won’t try to make you buy a helmet just for the sake of it, and we actively advise against treatment where we feel that this would be of limited benefit to your baby.

Everything we do is deeply rooted in our company ethos. From our point of view, it is only our commitment to providing honest, unbiased, research-led advice that has made Technology in Motion the success that it is today.

So, if you would like to receive free, straightforward advice from medical professionals who care, call 0330 100 1800 or fill in our enquiry form to book a free plagiocephaly assessment at your nearest clinic and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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