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plagiocephaly long term effectsAs the number of enquiries from adults and parents with older children regarding plagiocephaly treatment continues to increase, we are left with the difficult task of informing adults that we are unable to help infants who have plagiocephaly after 14 months of age.  In our ongoing pursuit to offer parents and carers a wealth of advice, information and research on plagiocephaly, we are addressing one of the biggest questions parents ask us on a daily basis…


What Happens if You Don't Treat Flat Head Syndrome?

Does untreated flat head syndrome cause problems later in life?

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to treat flat head syndrome, you’re certainly not alone. A quick glance through forum threads, flat head syndrome pictures and social media pages on the subject reveals a host of questions from worried parents. Do helmets harm babies’ heads? (Answer: No.) Can the flat spot return after treatment? (Answer: No.) What happens if you don’t treat flat head syndrome at all? (more…)