untreated plagiocephaly

Does untreated flat head syndrome cause problems later in life?

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to treat flat head syndrome, you’re certainly not alone. A quick glance through forum threads, flat head syndrome pictures and social media pages on the subject reveals a host of questions from worried parents. Do helmets harm babies’ heads? (Answer: No.) Can the flat spot return after treatment? (Answer: No.) What happens if you don’t treat flat head syndrome at all? (more…)

untreated plagiocephaly

The condition of flat head syndrome is most often identified in babies, but the topic of flat head syndrome in adults is something less often spoken about. Despite this, the number of enquiries we receive from adults and parents of older children regarding plagiocephaly treatment is always on the rise.

Unfortunately, plagiocephaly in adults and older children cannot be treated with a helmet, and we are left having to give this disappointing news to parents and adults with the condition.