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The truth about pillows for flat head syndrome

Pillow for flat head syndrome - do plagiocephaly pillows work?The incidence of flat head syndrome has soared since the Back to Sleep (AKA Safe to Sleep) campaign, and increasingly, parents have been looking for new ways to prevent and correct the condition. Plagiocephaly pillows are often used by parents to prevent flat head syndrome. As constant pressure on a hard surface is what causes flat head syndrome, these pillows mold to the shape of the head instead of pressing against it. Pillows for flat head syndrome are one of the cheapest and most readily available options, but do they actually work (and crucially, are they safe)? (more…)

Do Baby Carriers and Car Seats Cause Flat Head Syndrome?

The dramatic rise in the incidence of baby flat head syndrome over the last couple of decades has largely been attributed to the Back to Sleep Campaign. Placing babies on their back to sleep is essential as a means of reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but if the baby is kept in one position, it can put continual pressure on the back of the head, which can eventually cause a flat spot to emerge.


From awareness of the condition to ways to prevent it, articles on the topic of SIDS are being released all the time. Unfortunately, some of the advice offered to readers in these articles is not always helpful. To add our expert opinion to the mix, we thought we would share our official advice on how to create a safer sleeping environment so that you and your baby can enjoy a happy and healthy sleep.



How to Carry Your Baby and Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

Mum carrying babyWhen carrying your baby, it’s important to minimise pressure on the back of the head. Because the bones in the skull are still malleable, allowing your baby to consistently rest the head in the same position can eventually cause it to become misshapen. This post covers some of the best ways to carry your baby in order to prevent flat head syndrome from occurring, or at least reverse its effects in the early stages. (more…)

Preventing Permanent Deformation in Babies with Plagiocephaly

Happy babyWhile it might look alarming to the untrained eye, the flattened spot associated with plagiocephaly (A.K.A. Flat Head Syndrome) can be corrected and further deformation prevented. However, it’s vital to take action early on before the skull hardens, movement becomes independent and deformation becomes permanent. This guide explains how to prevent deformational plagiocephaly, using tried and trusted methods that are often adequate without the need for clinical treatment. (more…)

Is the Back to Sleep Campaign to Blame for the Rise in Plagiocephaly?

The Back to Sleep campaign was launched in 1994 to raise awareness about the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Researchers had discovered a relationship between the incidence of SIDS and the position in which babies sleep, finding that those who slept on the back were less likely to die suddenly. However, since this time there has also been a huge increase in the incidence of cranial deformation, leading many to believe that there may be a link between the Back to Sleep campaign and plagiocephaly. (more…)