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Enjoy the slopes for many years to come with the right knee bracing solution

Two skiersSkiing is a tremendous winter sport and a feast for the senses, offering the perfect blend of physical activity and spectacular scenery. However, as with all extreme sports, there are precautions worth considering if you wish to continue enjoying the slopes for many years to come – and this is where the benefits of knee braces for skiing come in. (more…)

Injured on the slopes? Get back on-piste with these top tips

Skiing injurySkiing is a wonderful winter sport. Not only do you get a chance to get out in the fresh air and beautiful scenery, it’s also fantastic exercise. But unfortunately, it is also commonly associated with injuries, especially to the knees. The good news is, if you have been waylaid by a skiing injury, you can take charge of your own treatment – starting now. (more…)

Two skiersKnee ligament injuries are becoming increasingly common amongst physically active individuals, especially those who participate in high-impact sports involving a lot of bending and pivoting – skiing being a case in point. But there’s no need to let any concerns about getting injured prevent you from enjoying your favourite winter sport. (more…)

Staying Safe on the Slopes

Skiing knee injury preventionDamage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), the main stabilising ligament in the knee, accounts for the majority of skiing injuries. Yet it’s easy to become complacent about the dangers associated with this high-risk sport, especially if you have already been skiing for several years. Our skiing knee injury prevention presentation will help you ensure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your knees whilst out on the slopes. (more…)

Two skiersACL tears often leave sufferers with enduring weakness and instability in the knee, leading many to ask, ‘can you ski with an ACL injury?’ Given that damaged knees are far more susceptible to further injury and that skiing is a high-energy sport requiring a lot of bending, pivoting and jumping, this level of caution is justified. (more…)

How to Prevent Injury and Maximise Your Performance On the Slopes

Knee brace for winterExtreme weather conditions and bumpy, high-speed descents can place an unnatural amount of strain on the joints – especially if they have been injured previously. However, with the right knee brace for winter sports, you can protect weakened ligaments, cartilage and bone against these external forces and benefit from increased control, stability and endurance whilst out on the slopes. (more…)

Protecting Your Knees from Damage While on the Slopes this Winter

Skiing can play havoc on your knees. High speed descents, uneven slopes and extreme weather conditions, not to mention knocks from other less competent skiers, all combine to form a dangerous cocktail of risks. If your fitness is not at peak condition or your knee ligaments are already weakened or injured, the risk of further injury is greater still. This guide will give you a brief overview of how to protect your knees when skiing, enabling you to enjoy a worry-free holiday this winter. (more…)