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From awareness of the condition to ways to prevent it, articles on the topic of SIDS are being released all the time. Unfortunately, some of the advice offered to readers in these articles is not always helpful. To add our expert opinion to the mix, we thought we would share our official advice on how to create a safer sleeping environment so that you and your baby can enjoy a happy and healthy sleep.




Over 25 years a countless number of babies have been saved thanks to Anne Diamond’s Back to Sleep campaign. Anne Diamond: mother, journalist and fervent campaigner fought relentlessly to highlight the ignorance surrounding cot death in Britain following her son Sabastian’s tragic cot death in 1991. Tired of hearing that it ‘is just one of those things’ which you have to get over, Anne Diamond courageously campaigned in an attempt to spread the message: placing babies on their backs to sleep lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). After unfaltering persistence, the NHS adopted the new guidelines on infant sleep positioning which were being recommended in Australia and the USA and the rest of Western Europe soon followed suit. Within one year of the 1991 launch of the Back to Sleep campaign, the number of SIDS cases in the UK fell hugely from 1,545 to 647. Since the adoption of this advice the lives of thousands of infants have been saved.