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Innovative heavy-duty carbon fibre sports mask made using 3D scanning and printing technologies

Protective face mask for sportsIf you have suffered a facial fracture, you will already be well aware of the dangers of participating in contact sports before the injury has fully healed. However, our new custom-made protective face mask for sports could change all that, enabling you to return to your favourite activities quickly, safely and without worry.


Plagiocephaly assessment clinicParents often ask us why we don’t charge a fee for plagiocephaly assessment given that most other clinics do. It’s easy to assume that we are obliged to provide free assessments because they’re of no real value, or that we make the money back later on by adding hidden charges during the course of helmet treatment. (more…)

Baby with TiMband helmetParents often ask us if all helmets are the same and why they should come to us. Since we don’t know much about the precise treatment protocols of other clinics, it’s difficult for us to give a definite answer. However, we do know that not all helmets or clinic protocols are the same and suffice to say that we have come across some real horrors over the last few years. (more…)

CTI knee brace fittingThe NHS is excellent at what it does, but its top-down approach to patient care means that it is unable to fulfil the needs of every individual it deals with. For certain people in certain circumstances, the convenience, personal service and tailored solutions offered by a private Orthotist may warrant the extra cost involved. (more…)

What to Expect at Your First Plagiocephaly Appointment

If you have noticed a flat spot on your baby’s head and are considering going for a plagiocephaly evaluation, there are probably several questions running through your mind. How will the condition be assessed? Will it be painful or frightening for my baby? And supposing that my baby does have plagiocephaly, what happens next? Will they tell me the truth? (more…)

We are opening two new orthotic clinics in June, with Bristol welcoming its first patients on the 4th and Sevenoaks on the 14th. Both will be offering care for babies who have plagiocephaly as well as knee bracing for patients with osteoarthritis and ACL injuries.

We will also be welcoming two new Orthotists to our team, backed by our 10 years of experience, great product, full clinical support, good results and satisfied clients. (more…)

Where Can You Find the Best Orthopedic Shoes?Our Orthotists are often asked where the best orthopedic shoes can be found. We see many people with ‘difficult’ feet, who struggle to find adequate, supportive and comfortable footwear on the high street.


Despite the cold weather, we are going ahead with our open day at our Leeds clinic on Thursday, 17th January, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

The day will showcase the following three new offers from Technology in Motion:

Custom-Made Footwear, made to a scan of your foot. We’ve teamed up with one of the most innovative and forward-looking companies in the world to offer the very best in custom footwear manufacture at a very reasonable price. (more…)

The launch of the first UK Esko centre

Technology in Motion is delighted to be the UK’s first Ekso Centre. As of 22nd March, our Leeds branch will be giving people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological weaknesses the opportunity to stand and walk in a bionic exoskeleton, under clinical supervision. (more…)

Technology in Motion is expanding…

Plagiocephaly clinicSince becoming an independent company, acquired from Össur by Steve Mottram and Sandie Waddell in July this year, Technology in Motion Ltd has continued to develop and flourish. Based on our core principles of excellence in clinical care and professionalism in all that we do, our clients are secure in the knowledge that their care and that of the babies that we treat for plagiocephaly is in the very best hands. (more…)