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Why Can’t You Get a Plagiocephaly Helmet on the NHS?

There has been a dramatic rise in the incidence of plagiocephaly since the Back to Sleep Campaign, and thus demand for treatment has also risen. Increasingly, parents are looking for specially moulded plagiocephaly helmets to treat their baby’s condition. Unfortunately though, parents then discover that they cannot get a helmet for their baby’s flat head syndrome on the NHS. The NHS refuses to fund this kind of treatment, with it being almost unheard of for parents to obtain a plagiocephaly helmet on the NHS.

Why is it that, in spite of mounting pressure from parents, private clinics, and the press, the NHS is still refusing to change its stance on providing plagiocephaly helmets on the NHS? This guide covers everything you need to know about the matter.


Mum and baby with TiMbandTrying to decide whether to give your baby plagiocephaly treatment with or without a helmet is by no means an easy task. Conflicting attitudes and opinions from GPs, HVs, the press, private clinics and other parents can often serve to heighten the anxiety – no matter how honourable the intentions behind their advice might be. (more…)

Join Our Mission to Raise Awareness about Plagiocephaly Treatment

Will parents ever have access to plagiocephaly treatment on the NHS?In a recent post, we attempted to answer the question of why plagiocephaly helmets are not available on the NHS. Having explored the research published to date together with some of the many examples in the press, we were still unable to see a logical reason why parents do not have access to plagiocephaly treatment on the NHS. (more…)

Is Plagiocephaly Cosmetic Rather than Medical? (And If So, Why Bother With Treatment?)

The majority of children with plagiocephaly are unable to get helmet treatment on the NHS. Instead, parents are sent home and told to ‘wait and see’ whether their child’s condition will or will not improve on its own. Conversely, American babies are offered helmet therapy as a standard intervention for moderate to severe skull flattening. This begs the question: is plagiocephaly purely cosmetic as British medical institutions claim, or could it be associated with developmental issues? And even if it is ‘just’ cosmetic, could this cause problems in itself? This post investigates the research that has been carried out to date, and answers some of the questions you might have if your baby has a flat head.

how to spot plagiocephaly

BrachycephalyHarry’s story

Harry is a lovely little boy with severe brachycephaly, a type of flat head syndrome. The condition is characterised by a flattened area at the back of the head, which causes its width to be disproportionate to its length. (more…)

CTI knee brace fittingThe NHS is excellent at what it does, but its top-down approach to patient care means that it is unable to fulfil the needs of every individual it deals with. For certain people in certain circumstances, the convenience, personal service and tailored solutions offered by a private Orthotist may warrant the extra cost involved. (more…)

Steve Mottram - Specialist in treating babies and flat headsA revolutionary study published last month supports the use of helmet therapy in the treatment of flat head syndrome. What does this mean for you and your baby, asks  Steve Mottram, Consultant Orthotist and Managing Director of Technology in Motion, and why does  the advice provided to parents remain so inadequate?

Ever seen a baby wearing what appears to be a crash helmet and wondered why? Unless you happened upon a particularly accident-prone child, chances are (s)he was undergoing helmet therapy for flat head syndrome. (more…)

Mum and baby with helmetThe gap between plagiocephaly referral rates in the UK and overseas appears to be widening. While helmets are considered standard protocol for moderate and severe cases of plagiocephaly across much of the developed world, UK referrals remain very rare and vary from one district to the next. (more…)

How One Mum Raised £4,000 for Her Son’s Plagiocephaly Treatment

At Technology in Motion, we get to hear many incredible plagiocephaly fundraising stories. Recently, the story of Adele and her son, Evan, reduced even the more hard-hearted of us to tears. (more…)

My Little Blue HelmetMany of our clients find it surprising and frustrating that others know so little about plagiocephaly. As a result, many have used their fundraising efforts as an opportunity to raise awareness of plagiocephaly and helmet treatment in their local communities.

One mother in the States who has taken this approach one step further is Abby Blackburn, occupational therapist and mother of Miller, who was undergoing plagiocephaly helmet treatment at the time. (more…)