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Flat Head Syndrome and the Nature vs. Nurture Debate

Is Flat Head Syndrome Genetic?

Is Flat Head Genetic?

Flat head syndrome is usually attributed to external pressures on the skull. Consistently resting the head in the same position while sleeping, sitting and playing can eventually cause a flat spot to emerge in babies. Flattening can also begin to occur before or during birth, often as a result of breech position or crowding in the womb, or when forceps are used during an assisted birth. But, is flat head syndrome genetic to some degree, or is it caused exclusively by these external pressures on the skull? (more…)

When Does Flat Head Syndrome Occur?

Flat head syndrome can occur at different times for different babies. Knowledge of this can help parents to be more aware of the condition, know what to look out for, and know when to seek advice. To get a better understanding of when flat head syndrome occurs and develops, and when it is diagnosed, keep reading.


Should I Worry About Flat Head Syndrome?

Looking after your baby can be an emotional rollercoaster. As a parent, you want your little one to be as happy and healthy as possible, so noticing something out of the ordinary, such as a flat spot on their head, can be a bit of a shock. If this is the case, you probably have a multitude of questions running through your head: when should I worry about flat head syndrome? Does it affect child development? Do I need to do anything about it?

plagiocephaly-treatmentWhen exploring the different forms of treatment for flat head syndrome, many parents are initially advised to try a course of repositioning therapy to correct a flat head during the early stages of a baby’s life. But can repositioning therapy prevent flat head syndrome and does it always work?

Official NHS advice advocates repositioning therapy as an effective form of treatment for babies suffering with flat head syndrome. According to the NHS website, it is recommended that you encourage your baby to “try new positions during play time” and “reduce the time your baby spends lying on a firm flat surface, such as car seats and prams”.


What is Flat Head Syndrome?Flat head syndrome is the umbrella term used to describe a number of specific flat head conditions which can appear in infants and babies, commonly caused by sustained pressure on a particular spot on a baby’s head. There are many contributing factors which can cause flat head syndrome and the condition usually becomes apparent in the first few months of a baby’s life.


How old is too old for flat head syndrome treatment

At Technology in Motion, we talk to worried parents everyday as they seek advice from leading orthotists about the concerns they have for their baby. By this time, parents have already overcome a number of obstacles, groundless reassurance, missed diagnoses and return trips to their GP to finally bring them to a free consultation with us. As forum threads continue to surface from popular sites such as mumsnet, babycentre and social media pages which are flooded with the same concerns, it seems one question is always at the forefront of many parents’ mind: