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Flat Head Treatment Checklist for Parents

Treatment Checklist for Parents whose Babies have developed a The Flat Head Shape

For parents who have noticed a flattening on their baby’s head, this step-by-step checklist will cover the various treatment options available. This way, parents can be sure they have tried everything they can to improve shape before considering helmet treatment. Many of these techniques are also good practice for helping to prevent babies from developing a flat head. (more…)

Close collaboration between parents, treatment specialists is essential to ensure that intervention is started at the right time to provide effective treatment for babies with plagiocephaly. Timing takes into account a number of contributing factors to the condition including, the age of the infant, the severity of the deformity and the presence or absence of other related issues such as facial deformity, torticollis and craniosynotosis.

There are three vital stages of plagiocephaly intervention that should be considered for effective plagiocephaly treatment in infants.


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