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With Christmas around the corner, the wintry weather has finally arrived and the temperature has begun to fall. Many parents often ask us what type of headwear should be worn to keep their baby’s head warm whilst out and about and the best ways to keep their baby comfortable. This blog post offers advice and information to help keep baby warm during winter without causing them to overheat.




Wearing winter hats during plagiocephaly treatment. Plagiocephaly helmets are made from a resilient foam liner encased by a lightweight co-polymer shell which provides natural insulation during winter.


Close collaboration between parents, treatment specialists is essential to ensure that intervention is started at the right time to provide effective treatment for babies with plagiocephaly. Timing takes into account a number of contributing factors to the condition including, the age of the infant, the severity of the deformity and the presence or absence of other related issues such as facial deformity, torticollis and craniosynotosis.

There are three vital stages of plagiocephaly intervention that should be considered for effective plagiocephaly treatment in infants.


Morden plagiocephaly clinic


How old is too old for flat head syndrome treatment

At Technology in Motion, we talk to worried parents everyday as they seek advice from leading orthotists about the concerns they have for their baby. By this time, parents have already overcome a number of obstacles, groundless reassurance, missed diagnoses and return trips to their GP to finally bring them to a free consultation with us. As forum threads continue to surface from popular sites such as mumsnet, babycentre and social media pages which are flooded with the same concerns, it seems one question is always at the forefront of many parents’ mind: