Scaphocephaly Treatment

Scaphocephaly (scafe-oh-kef-aly) describes a long thin head shape sometimes also called Dolichocephaly (doll-ee-co-kef-alley). The word comes from the Greek for ‘keel-shaped’ describing the underside of a boat. You may also notice that the ears are not aligned.

The word scaphocephaly is usually related to a head shape that has a synostosis of the long suture front to back at the top of the head but the word can be interchangeable with a deformational condition. If there is a synostosis, we can not treat, however if the suture is open then we can.

 The word dolichocephaly is usually associated with a head shape that premature babies develop to describe a long thin head shape. This always self corrects once the baby is strong enough to start to support their own head

We have an app that will help you to assess the severity of any deformity. Follow this link for more information.

IIt is possible that your baby may have Plagiocephaly, or another variant of flat head syndrome. A ‘Plagio’ baby has an asymmetry of the head shape – typically one side of the head is flatter than the other.


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If you are concerned about the shape of your baby’s head, our specialists can offer the best scaphocephaly treatment and advice to help to reduce the deformity. We also may be


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We’ve also compiled a list of frequently asked questions which will help you understand more about Plagiocephaly and other variants of flat head syndrome. Likewise, we have a selection of case studies and testimonials that provide an insight into our treatments. Or you can read about parents’ first-hand experiences on our Facebook page.

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