Plagiocephaly Treatment NHS Debate

Plagiocephaly Treatment NHS Debate

The Opposing Viewpoints on Flat Head Treatment

The Daily Mail has covered one of our patient stories, which you may recognise from our recent post about Coby, a little boy born with severe plagiocephaly. If you missed it, here is a quick recap.

Told by their health visitor at the time that the flattening on their son Coby’s head would correct itself, the Donnisons sought further advice and treatment from Technology in Motion.

As the NHS does not currently fund plagiocephaly helmet treatment, it was thanks to the help of local businesses in Bridlington and their fundraising efforts that the family managed to raise enough money for Coby to have the TiMband helmet, which he began wearing at five months of age.

By 11 months, his helmet was off and the family were both ecstatic and relieved with the immense improvement in Coby’s head shape.

The Daily Mail article has sparked heated debate after mentioning the ‘downsides’ of the treatment according to the NHS and the reasons why they do not fund it. Below is our response to their comments:

Technology in Motion Daily Mail Response

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