Plagiocephaly Helmets

Plagiocephaly Helmets

A plagiocephaly helmet is an advanced cranial remoulding treatment to effectively treat moderate to severe cases of flat head syndrome. Technology in Motion have developed the TiMband which is made to exact model of the baby’s head shape. This is then modified at regular intervals throughout treatment to gently bring about correction as the head continues to grow during the early months of a baby’s life.

The TiMband is made by highly experienced orthotists who make all the necessary modifications and oversee the technical staff in the initial manufacturing process.

How do flat head helmets work?

Every plagiocephaly helmet is custom-made for using a safe photographic scan. Once we have taken the scan and the paperwork is completed, we send this to the manufacturer who quantifies and modifies the head shape using CAD (computer aided design) software which allows growth within exactly defined limits. We don’t stop growth, we allow it to occur where we want it to be so that the head shape reforms towards normality. This modified head shape is then carved and the TiMband is made over this modified shape.

For more information about plagiocephaly helmets and how the treatment process works at our clinics, watch our informative video below:



Your baby’s TiMband is made of a foam liner and lightweight co-polymer shell, which fits comfortably round the head. It’s impossible to hide the TiMband so we have lots of fun and attractive helmet pattern transfers that you can choose from.

As the head grows naturally, the TiMband gently corrects the position and form of the head bones to develop a more normal shape

With over 100 infants using a TiMband at any one time, you can be assured that whatever your baby’s head shape, we have experience to correct it. At the end of the treatment, we supply you with a USB with the before and after scans with software to allow you to see how your baby’s head shape has improved.

The success of flat head helmets is evident in the huge number of happy parents and babies who leave our clinics following their treatment. Please read our testimonials page for case studies and feedback from parents who chose the TiMband and follow them on their plagiocephaly journey. Our Facebook page also provides a supportive online community which enables parents to share opinions and their progress with treatment.

“Alexander wore the helmet for just under six months and we could see fantastic progress within the first six weeks. He now has a head shape with a normal circumference”.  Alexander’s Story

“We were amazed that something so simple could make such an improvement in such a short period of time. Hannah wore her plagiocephaly helmet for just four months. Hannah’s head shape is absolutely perfect now. Her facial features are normal, no more bulges out of the sides of her head and her face is now perfectly symmetrical, and we are really relieved to have sorted it out”. Hannah’s Story


Comments from one of our parents with an older child in treatment are:

I’ve been to see my little boys paediatrician today (again) about his head shape. She commented, ‘Wow it looks so much better than it did when I last saw you in February!’ I told her it was because of my son’s helmet. She asked, ‘So do you think that it’s working?’
Well obviously!! Enough rubbish about ‘It’ll get right in time’ or ‘Reposition them whilst sleeping’ or all these fancy pillows that you spend a fortune on. None of it works, believe me we’ve tried it all! But 2 months with a TiMband and you can see a difference!

We understand the concerns of many parents that the TiMband may appear to be a distressing and uncomfortable form of treatment for babies. Parents often ask us how comfortable is a plagiocephaly helmet and because our number one priority is to ensure babies are happy and healthy throughout treatment, the TiMband has been developed with safety and comfort in mind. After we fit the helmet, we review babies at regular intervals to measure changes and make any adjustments to gently direct growth and ensure baby is comfortable at all times.

In our vast experience, babies adapt very quickly to wearing a TiMband. Parents are usually amazed to see how quickly they see an improvement and are delighted with the final results.



Steve Mottram MBAPO,
Managing Director of Technology in Motion and creator of the TiMband.