Plagiocephaly Case Studies

Parent’s Stories

At Technology in Motion, our professional Orthotic Clinics specialise in the treatment of infant Plagiocephaly and other variants of flat head syndrome. This page is dedicated to the stories of other parents that we have helped. For up to date information and conversations with other parents whose babies are in treatment, you will find independent conversations and opinions by visiting our Facebook community at

Taking Control

As is the case for our other client groups who come to see us for knee, sports, neuromuscular, foot and footwear problems, the parents of babies with Plagiocephaly know that innovative products and services are available privately yet, they cannot often access these through NHS routes. We have helped many parents who are in this frustrating position. Despite what they were told by their doctors, they knew the shape of their baby’s head was ‘just not right’. So they made their own decision and did something about it – not wanting to trust luck or time, or hoping that hair growth would hide the head shape flattening.

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