Meet the thinnest and lightest AFO and SMO.

Piro, a new orthosis for children who need additional foot and ankle stability and support to help with their mobility. Designed to help children to achieve their best mobility, Piro has been created to meet their needs by taking the freedoms that new technologies are allowing.

Children who have struggled using heavy, bulky traditional ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) with the need for oversized footwear to accommodate them, find that Piro reduces weight, improves function and provides stability and control needed to give the best option in their childhood mobility development.

Using award winning design, 3d scanning, computer aided prescription and 3d printing, Piro provides unparalleled comfort and control to maximise mobility for your child.

What is Piro?

Piro is a range of unrivalled, beautifully designed Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), designed to improve your child’s mobility whatever their needs.

Who is Piro for?

For children who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida and who have compromised lower limb function, Piro will provide support and control to allow your child to achieve maximum function with minimal exertion and effort.

Benefits of Piro

Piro is different. Using the design freedoms that scanning and 3D print technologies can bring, we’ve been able to go back to basics and create a range of beautiful and comfortable AFO’s to meet your child’s needs. Unlike traditional heavy and bulky orthoses, your Orthotist has the freedom to prescribe AFO’s to exactly meet your child’s needs. Developed over seven years using iterative design, test and patient trial our sister partner Invent Medical has created a truly innovative, award winning series of AFO’s to meet every need.

Using the innovative configurator, your clinician has the confidence in prescription to know that the product that they prescribe will be made exactly to meet your child’s needs. We’ve eliminated all scope for technician error by taking your child’s scan or a scan of their cast, enabling computer aided corrections and pre-defined trim lines ensuring that what is ordered is what is delivered. We don’t use library models, only the 3d model created from your child’s scan.

Getting Started with Piro

We use cutting-edge 3D printers to create AFOs no other technology can deliver. The clinician will take care of the configuration, but you get to choose how it looks with our easy and effective treatment process! Your child deserves only top orthotic quality – which is why we offer many options for personalization using this advanced scanning tech that ensures a perfect fit on every patient so they never have discomfort or fewer symptoms when walking.*

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