Nathaniel’s Story | Severe Brachycephaly Helmet Case Study
Nathaniel’s Story

Nathaniel’s Story

Nathaniel Menear’s parents first started noticing a flatness to their little one’s head at around 3 months old. After researching online, they discovered what flat head syndrome was and began looking into the condition more. After looking on social media, Nate’s parents were recommend Technology in Motion via an Instagram user and booked an appointment to assess Nate’s head at their nearest TiM clinic.

At their first appointment, Nate’s head shape was assessed and the family discovered that it fell into the severe category at 101% brachycephaly with 0% asymmetry, with that the family decided to go ahead with treatment. Sam, Nate’s Mother, adds “we were happy to finally be getting it fixed, after being told his hair will cover any flatness that remained.”

When Nate first started wearing the helmet it was difficult for the first week whilst everyone was still adjusting and getting into a new routine with the TiMband, but after that Nate took to the helmet well and didn’t experience any complications along the way. Nate outgrew his helmet just before he turned 10 months old and graduated from his TiMband as a result.

Overall, the family were very happy with the end results. Sam said “we are really pleased with the results. We were expecting Nate to be in the helmet a lot longer than he was, but he finished just after 4 months.” Congratulations to Nate and his family, from all of us here at TiM.


Before treatment


After treatment


If you are concerned that your child may be showing signs of flat head syndrome, please call us on 0330 100 1800 to book a free pre-assessment at your nearest clinic.