Don’t let anything stop you from being on top of your game with Raptor, the most advanced protection mask for athletes.

You focus. You sweat. You train. Then, an injury tries to stop you and suffering a facial fracture leaves you in real danger. That’s where the brand new 3D printed Raptor Mask comes in. It’s the most advanced protective face mask for all sportsmen and women that will enable you to return to the top of your game quickly and without compromise.


What is a Raptor Mask?

Made by Invent Medical, Raptor is an Invent Medical brand, offered in the UK by us at Technology in Motion Ltd. Together, our mission is to help sportsmen and women through innovation. We create a new generation of medical products and services from the understanding that the comfort and design of the device are as important as the function.

We had one goal when it came to Raptor’s creation, to create the best protective sports face mask available, one that won’t let you down. With such a unique design, through the help of 3D printing technology, the Raptor Mask provides better protection and is stronger than off-the-shelf options or other custom alternatives.


Who is a Raptor Mask for?

Football, hockey, netball, cycling, basketball, whatever your passion we have you covered. We will create a custom-designed Raptor Mask 100% specific to your face and sport.

Raptor is made for athletes’ protection:

  • For those who need to protect previous facial fractures.
  • For athletes who are recovering in post-surgery states, preventing delicate cheekbone or nose injury in non-contact sports.


Benefits and Key Features of Raptor

1. Powered By Cutting Edge Technology

We combined our clinical experience with advanced design and the newest technologies such as 3D printing, 3D scanning and digital design algorithms to create a sports face mask that is accurately tailored to each individual. Therefore, providing them with the most effect form of defence there is to help their injuries heal without compromising their passion.

2. Incredible Strength

Dozens of prototypes have been created and tested to achieve the maximum strength and protection possible, making these masks more durable and stronger, in order to ensure no further injuries or damage occurs.


3. Lightness and Comfort

The design of the mask is thin and light, specifically created with your comfort in mind. You won’t be distracted or irritated so you can train, compete, or play your game freely without any discomfort.

4. Unobtrusive

Your Raptor mask will not interfere with your field of vision, to ensure your performance when training and playing isn’t affected on account of your protective face mask whatsoever.


4 Steps to Getting Start with Raptor

Forget plaster casting and fitting adjustments, we use cutting-edge technology to make the treatment easy and effective.

1. 3D Scanning

Using specialist 3D scanning technology, we capture the measurements of your face to ensure the mask will fit you perfectly.

2. 3D Modelling

Advanced 3D modelling software and algorithms are used to design a truly customised mask in order to provide full comfort, enabling an uninterrupted performance.

3. 3D Printing

To complement and complete the full 3D process, using cutting-edge 3D printers, the sports face mask is created in a way that no other technology can deliver.

4. Put on Raptor and return to your sport

Once the 3D processes are complete, you can return to your sport with the confidence that your injury is able to heal without comprising your form or competitive position.

To book in an appointment at your nearest clinic, or for more information on the Raptor Mask and how it could help your facial injury, please call us on 0330 100 1800.