Your face is your fortune. Protect it.

If you want to get back into the game quickly, a sports face mask made precisely to an accurate scan of your face is the only way to return back to sport safely.

With advancements in technology continually improving, a one-size-fits-all mask is uncomfortable, intrusive and provides little protection for your face. In fact, an ill-fitting mask could cause even more damage as it can restrict peripheral vision during the game and put you at risk of further injury.

A custom facial, or nose mask for sports will protect a facial fracture or unstable facial injury during the game. They are effective in preventing further injury to the face and allowing your existing injuries to heal.



Accurate 3D scan

Modelled to relieve the broken area and translate impacts to surrounding surfaces, a carbon fibre sports face mask created using 3D CAD processes provides custom protection for a broken cheek, brow, or nose. A 3D scan ensures the mask exactly fits your individual face shape perfectly following the unique contours of your face, making it a truly unique orthotics experience.

The scan recreates the unique profile of your facial features to build the lightweight custom sports face mask. Made from carbon fibre and Kevlar there is a high strength-to-volume ratio, providing the benefits of lightweight fit combined with tough protection.

This revolutionary technology replaces, the thick and heavy moulded plastic of pre made sports masks. If you require anymore information on protective face masks, check out our relevant article.

All of our centres are equipped with 3D scanning and we are able to supply you with your protective face mask to an exact scan of your face. For more information, call us on 0330 100 1800 to arrange an appointment.