Orthotics UK

Our expert clinicians have extensive knowledge and years of experience in various areas of orthotics within the UK. Orthotics is the service that provides orthoses, which are devices such as braces that are used to help improve mobility, reduce pain, protect from injury, and stabilise joints. Orthoses need to be correctly paired with a person’s condition and properly fitted to maximise effectiveness, and it is the role of the clinician to do this.

Our orthotics experience allows us to treat incorrectly aligned structures in the foot with foot drop treatment, provide knee braces to manage Knee Osteoarthritis and sports injuries, and offer custom-made sports facemasks to sports players.

Based in Leeds, we have orthotic clinics situated throughout the UK. The clinic provides comprehensive specialist Biomechanical Service to treat a wide range of common musculoskeletal conditions including sport and non-sport related problems.