Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthotic Shoes

If you have arthritis, or unusually sized or shaped feet, you will know how difficult it is to find footwear that fits and supports you comfortably. Those who discover Technology in Motion’s orthopaedic shoes have usually spent hundreds of pounds on unsuitable shoes and insoles to try to get relief for their painful feet.

As part of our service, we provide custom-made bespoke footwear, made to an exact scan or cast of your foot. Each pair includes supportive and corrective foot orthotics with enhanced stiffeners or internal adaptions if required to enable you to stand and walk with greater ease and comfort.

Expert Assessment

We know that those who come to see us often have complex problems in finding adequate footwear, so we make sure that we know what your needs are before starting.

The first stage of the assessment is asking you questions about the problems that you have in finding adequate, supportive, comfortable shoes. We take a case history to understand your specific needs and the types of footwear that you have previously used.

Once we know what your problems are, we take images, scans or casts to give us your exact foot shape and back this up with key measurements of your feet so that our manufacturers can create a last and footwear with insoles to comfortably accommodate and support your feet.

Many of the splints and supports that our clients have previously had to wear can be discarded as the necessary support can be built into the shoe upper to give excellent support and greatly improved cosmetic results.


Stylish and Comfortable


Both our men and women’s orthotic shoes are available in hundreds of styles, colours, linings, sole materials and heel heights to give you the maximum choice. Styles vary from simple dress shoes and working boots, to high leg boots and waterproof footwear. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer very high heels or court shoes.

Once we have your information and details we send the scans and your specifications to our manufacturer, who will individually manufacture your footwear.

If you would prefer to have a trial fitting, we can arrange this either by using a see through ‘folio’ shoe or for those who need complex stiffeners and supports by making a semi-finished shoe that you can use for a few hours to make sure that the orthotic shoes gives the comfortable control that you need. Once your last are correct it’s no problem to make further pairs of footwear to match your individual needs.

If you would like to learn more, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful staff members.

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