Orthopaedic Shoe Materials

Orthotic Footwear

Technology in Motion uses our manufacturers own model catalogue which allows you to see and choose the styles that you want. As all of our footwear is custom made to measure, all styles are available in all colours from white to black, gold to silver, red to yellow and leather styles, from smooth patent, natural calf or imprinted grainy or snakeskin leathers.

The sole and heel styles are also totally interchangeable, from build rubbers and EVA to thin or strong leathers. The same goes for internal stiffeners and paddings to accommodate those difficult lumps and bumps which prevent ready made shop shoes from fitting. All of these options allow you and your clinician to specify footwear which exactly matches your needs and gives the shoe technicians information  to process the technical specifications easily, without the risk of misinterpretation.

In order to comply with the strictest quality standards, most of the sourced materials, especially upper and lining leather are from European suppliers. We have a very broad assortment available of upper leather, lining leather, sole materials, edges and accessories.

When we see you for assessment, you will be able to choose your style, materials and colours with the expert guidance of your clinician.


Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturing company works only with chosen international companies and does not sell to the public. They are a fantastic orthopaedic footwear manufacturer, which is seeing exceptional growth though excellence and we are proud to be working with them.

Their aim is to be the world leading company in the orthopaedic footwear manufacturing business, focussing on quality in every aspect of business processes and complying with ISO-standards:

EN ISO 9001:2008
EN ISO 13485 + AC:2009

They place a strong emphasis on continuous in house training and their technical workforce is being trained on a permanent basis by Dutch shoe technicians in order to maintain the highest quality level. Besides the high quality of their products, we are pleased to be able to pass on their strong emphasis on competitive pricing. Combined with our clear pricing structure we are able to create an open and clear understanding of our prices to our clients. For such high quality bespoke footwear, we believe that we offer the very best deal available to our clients.

Delivery Times and Logistics

Our delivery time is usually four weeks from order to completion and we find that as we have given such comprehensive information we only usually need a mid trial fitting for the first pair, after that, we can replicate your footwear using your pervious details and lasts. Any alterations and changes can be easily incorporated in to the stored lasts. To ensure speed and regularity of delivery, we work closely together with DHL Express Worldwide as our global logistic partner. Our delivery times are very competitive with other (European) manufacturers, since our production-lead times are very short and airfreight transit times are minimal.

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