Footwear FAQ’s

Can I buy direct from the manufacturer?

No, as the footwear involves so many variables our manufacturers will only deal with trained and experienced Orthotist Clinicians and not direct with individual end users.


What is the price?

Please see our price list. We operate a clear pricing policy with no additional extras. For example, some footwear is quite complex in the additions and inserts required. We do not charge individually to include these additions and our clients find that we offer great value for money.


How much will a second pair cost?

We operate a simple pricing structure and all of our shoes are the same price. The reason for this is that modifications to the lasts may be required, every pair will have a different specification, colour and style.  So all repeat pairs, which can be of different styles or colours and made to the same specification and the original scan and lasts are the same price as the first pair.

What if my shoes need to be repaired?

Standard soling materials are used and you can take the shoes to your own repairer if you wish. Alternatively, we can have your shoes repaired by our own specialist repairer and posted back to you.


How long will they last?

As with all footwear, this depends on how much they are used as well as in what conditions – our footwear comes with a guaranteed fit promise and all footwear is made to be as least as durable as mass manufactured shoes.


I have had footwear from the hospital but I cannot wear them. Will my hospital pay for these shoes?

We are able to accept hospital orders for footwear but we do not currently contract with any hospitals to supply to their patients. If you would like us to make your shoes and for the hospital to pay for them, you will need to contact your hospital and ask them for an order.


How much does it cost for an assessment?

Our assessment fee is £120, which is included in the total price of the shoes. This fee will still be charged should you see us for an assessment but decide not to go ahead with footwear.


What if I want to return the footwear?

As the shoes are made especially for you, we cannot return them for a credit. We will do all that we can to ensure that your needs are met throughout the process and that you have footwear you can use, are supportive and comfortable.

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