Normal Baby Head Shape

Normocephaly (norm-oh-kef-alley) is the medical term for a baby’s head that has normal dimensions and proportions.

When looking down on the top, a normal head shapes looks a bit like an egg, wider at the back and narrower at the front. The normal head width at the back is 78% to 83% of the length from front to back. There can be a diagonal asymmetry of less than 5mm.

Babies with Plagiocephaly or other variants of flat head syndrome will have a head shape deformity, either to the back or side of the head. At about eight weeks of age, parents usually notice that their baby’s head seems slightly wide, or that an ear is pushed forward on one side, or that the brow is more prominent.

The most common types of flat head syndrome are Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly. A ‘Plagio’ baby will have an asymmetry of the head shape – typically one side of the head is flatter than the other. A ‘Brachy’ baby has a wider than normal head with the flattening across the back of the skull. Many babies will have a combination of the two, with a wide head shape that is more flattened to one side. Scaphocephaly is another variant of flat head syndrome, in which the head is narrower than normal from back to front.

We have an app that will help you to assess the severity of any deformity. Follow this link for more information.


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