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Motocross is a sport which involves high speed and detailed precision around variable circuits. The dangerous element to the sport means a motocross rider is at high risk to serious joint injuries. Just like a helmet or spine board, protective equipment like Motocross Knee Braces will lessen these risks and riders who use Motocross Knee Braces will benefit from additional control. It also allows for more movement and a stronger grip in the knee area.

Motocross Knee Braces aim to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of a rider’s body. A knee brace can prevent ligament tears and other injuries which stop rider’s returning to the sport for long periods of time – if at all. For example, simple foot down injuries occur with the bike turning on your planted foot, which then places all of the kinetic energy into your knee causing injury and pain. However, a Motocross Knee Brace keeps the knee in alignment and prevents the knee joint from over rotating and the ligaments eventually tearing.

Our CTi Knee Braces, such as the CTi ProSport are designed to take this twisting load and protect your knee, minimising the risk of injury. A well-fitting and controlling CTi Knee Braces protect from more extreme high-speed impacts reducing the risk of patella, ligament and joint injuries.

Braces that slip and move offer little to no control of the knee joint and can cause more damage as they offer little resistance to strains on the knee ligaments. A well fitted and correctly aligned Motocross Knee Brace will stay in place to give control and protection exactly where it’s needed on impact.

If you think you require a Motocross Knee Brace, we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs in detail and determine your individual requirements. The consultation includes:

  • A consideration of the CTi Knee Braces range and recommendation of a brace which fits your personal circumstances.
  • Advice and information on how your brace will protect you during motocross.
  • Measurement and fitting of the brace to ensure optimum comfort and effective treatment.
  • Instruction on how to use your brace, look after it and prolong its lifespan.



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