Knee Bracing

Knee Brace Price Guide

At your initial Knee Assessment consultation, we will take a history and make a physical examination to assess your needs. Your Orthotist will also discuss your expectations and discuss how we can help you. As appropriate we will take measurements / scans / casts to enable us to manufacture an appropriate orthosis for you. Wherever possible, we try to keep assessment and supply appointments as a single extended appointment. This price list is not exhaustive and gives the prices for our standard range of services and orthoses. Many of the items that we provide are custom made to suit individual needs. If, after assessment we find that a non standard specifically made custom orthosis is indicated we will discuss this with you and indicate the price.

Total price includes consultation and supply appointments.

Please note, in case of non attendance with less than two working days24 hours notice (for all appointments including Plagiocephaly New Patient Consultation), we reserve the right to invoice a fee. The individual is responsible for all balances due on their account. If a third party payer subsequently makes payment to Technology in Motion, the value of any such payments will be refunded to the client.

All Prices quoted include VAT.

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